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Nasty cough!

Got a nasty cough and pf took a dive again and wheezy.Doing everything I can to keep off steroids as just got off them. After months on them they have left me feeling really low and had bloods done today to make sure adrenal glands working ok and thyroid.Taking reliever but never want to take pred again if can help it more than a week.Any other options than steroids if needed a long time! Pf down to 300 and dread it going down to 250 and need pred if chest and asthma get worse !

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Aww, I know how you feel about the Pred - I remember my first time I came off and was desperate never to go back (didn't quite work, but hey ho!). When I had problems I used a lot more reliever (on doc instructions - regular as well as needed) and just took things really really easy. When I ended up in A&E resus had a great doc who understood I didn't want to have steroids and so tried just the magnesium IV. Didn't work well enough unfortunatly and ended up back on the steroids, but obviously the docs thought there was a possibility I could get away without the steroids, so worth you checking out possibilities with a call to the doc/asthma nurse possibly?


Thank you Ratty,

Got a bottle of cough med to see if helps keep inflation down and cough.

fingers crossed,non stop dry cough!

Never had iv Mag before ,do you have to be admitted for that or AnE do it ? xxx


Cough lot worse and non stop.eyes streaming and back hurts.Taking lots of reliever but carnt do it with out making me eve and coughing fits each puff. Did PF and couldnt do it for coughing.Got docs friday for test results and check asthma as lungs and airways so inflamed and back hurts and hurts to cough and streaming eyes. Tried everything to stop coughing pf 300 so hope hold out till see doc but can see antibs and pred again looming.


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