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Dont wheeze

This week ive had 2 AnE Visits and both times was told they can not hear a wheeze !!!

I told them I dont Wheeze and my chest gets really tight and inflamed as if someone is squeezing my

lungs and painful.

When will the medical people realise not all asthmatics wheeze and it is in the medical books now and been recognised that we all do not wheeze gggrrrr!!!!

love Glynis xxx

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I'm totally with you there! Lost count how many times I've been to the docs just lately. Can't hear a wheeze - especially locums, my GP is good she listens for wheeze and air entry, she knows if I'm wheezing I must be pretty ill. The only time I wheeze apparently is when I have a chest infection..... The doc could hear a slight wheeze in hospital oh what a reflief! I don't care if I wheeze or not I'm usually more concerned that I feel like my chest is being squashed to the size of a wafer and I find it really hard to breathe, coughing and couldn't walk 5 or 6 steps without feeling like I done a huge workout. I wonder if we saw the same doctor!!!

Love Emma xxx


you guys are making me nervous of ringing the ambulance if i ever need to (live next to our a & e) without a wheeze which i also dont have!xxx


Lizzie, sorry don't be scared! I had some bloods taken from my wrist. Artery? To check your blood gases when I was taken off a neb; because that wasn't as it should be they admitted me from there. If you think you need extra help seek it. It's better to be safe than sorry.


to be honest im not really sure what i need... i have been on the regular clenil modulite for more than a year now but suddenly since before xmas this has not seemed to be enough.

however since about 4 days ago I have been waking up about 4 times a night with a tight chest. as you can imagine this is really exhausting me and i think making things worse. even going up the stairs to my flat are killing me more than usual!

I am going to book an appointment with my GP tomorrow, however should i tell the nurse when booking that its about my asthma and an add-on therapy? (this is what my GP suggested before xmas). because otherwise they only give you 10mins appointments and is that enough to talk about more meds?

alos throughout all of this, no wheeze and an surprizingly good peak-flow! :-S

Lizzie xxx



you should always get help if you are getting worse and reliever not helping.

I had vent in for bloods done and xray,ecg,and put on a neb and 8 pred and 3 more tabs and 4 lots of meds to take home.steroids and 2 lots of antibiotics and strong painkillers .

I knew i was having real difficulties and did the right thing by going in and did need been seen to.

I only wheeze when got a severe chest infection and usually by then im really struggling and

been seen to at hospital or walk in centre or docs.

You know your own body and in time you will realise your self when you need help and not

responding to meds xxxxxx



It is true to say not all asthmatics wheeze immediately.

Some attacks can start with a niggling cough which leaves you breathless. If you cannot breathe properely, see your doctor & explain how you feel.

Dont be fobbed off. hope you have more help there.


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