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Does the hot weather make your asthma bad ?

Woke up this morning and asthma felt ok ish !!!

Went down the town and is hot and sunny and my breathing went down bank quick.

I needed lot of reliever and my pf dropped down to 300 and chest tight and puffed and

lot of mucus.

Does the hot weather cause you lots of problems also ?

My asthma is hell of a lot worse in the 4-5 years since having asthma and my medication

alot more also.

looking forward to a lovely summer but not my asthma .

love glynis x

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My asthma is generally better with the warmer weather (although I have problems if it's too hot/humid). Could it be other factors related to the weather but not the heat itself that are causing your problems - increases in pollen and pollution for example?


Yes, if the pollen gets going too!


I find the extremes of weather always affect my asthma either with it being to hot or too cold so can't win either way... Also as others have already said there issues with allergies to grass pollen, tree pollens, moulds and air pollution (depending on area you live in you may be able to get air alerts...)


yes i live on the coast so its a humid heat if i go to a warmer climate where it is dry heat im ok. Its something i know will set me of so i have reliver before i go out now and then if i need it while im out



Having more allergy tests next month. Asthma a right pain. Taking 10 to 12 puffs of reliever 3 to 4 hourly and pred down to 35mg this week and 5mg reduction weekly till down to 10mg. Consultant and his asthma nurse monitoring me for neb or matinance pred and can ring up anytime.So hope muddle through and will get help if need glynis x


Yes the weather does have an affect on me but there was a cool breeze today so it wasn't too hot. Any change in temperature is a trigger for me even when indoors. Hope you get some answers soon Glynis as to why your asthma has been so bad. Thinking of you as always. Lots of love, S.Mama.




I have had a very bad winter with my asthma as I had many chest infections and had to be put on a lot of antibiotics and pred. Now had have to keep a course of pred at home incase my peak flow drops to low. My peak flow is up and down at the moment. My hayfever is already playing up on new medication for this but it does not seem to be controlling all the symptoms. I am having to take a lot of my blue inhaler as my chest has. Been very tight for the last few days. If my asthma do not improve I will be going to see the doctor. My asthma is making me feel very tried. I have begun to cough up mucus don't know if this due to hayfever or asthma?


Like others have mentioned I always struggle more with sudden changes in weather / climate and extreme temperatures (as extreme as they can be in the UK lol), either hot or cold.



If its very hot, i struggle a bit.

I feel like the air is too thin so due to effort, i feel worn out & get pain in my sides.



defo agree!!

hot weather takes even more puff out of u! x


I was hoping it was my imagination as hot weather does affect the asthma. But I suffer in winter too so I think its unfair. I do enjoy seeing the sunshine and the smiles on peoples faces as they wander about. do we enjoy sunny days?



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