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asthma attack an our ago-friday 4 th september

hi its me again.just had a realy bad attack and so scared again.I wish they would stop.I did what the hospital said after admitted twice.I took ten puffs of my easyhaler 2OO and had today a 250 preventer.I got up to 8 puffs and no relief and got scared I would have to go the hospital again and stay in for few days.I took 2 more puffs and just settling a bit xxx

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If your getting very little relief from your inhaler, then you need to go to hospital. It's very worrying for board members when people post saying their having an attack. We can't see you so can't give you medical advice. Please call an ambulance if you're having serious problems

Hope you feel better soon

Vicky xx


Hey Glynis,

I'm sorry your not well,but I think you should seek some medical help... eg. get yourself to a&e.

No one like hospitals (I say sitting in one - trust me i hate the places) but if your reliever isn't working you need to go now. *hugs*



Hi Glynis as elephant pointed out we are not here to give medical advice we are here to talk about out experiences with asthma.

If you are scared or your reliever is not working after lots, like you said go to A and E.

Please we are not a doctor, we are just people with asthma, we cannot diagnose you.

Hope you get see to.

Somewhere on the boards there is a where to get help post, try reading that if you are unsure, or look at what to do in an asthma attack on the main pages of the website, it says if reliever not helping ring your doctor or 999.


HI Glynis,

Really sorry to hear that, basically get help anytime you don't get relief from your reliever meds.

You can with your spacer use that as a simple neb replacement by putting upto 10 puffs of ventolin (damn easyhaler not possible) and breathing that in.

You're really having a rough time at the moment, with your leg and chest. Do you have your own bed at the hospital :D?

Hope you get sorted



Don't Take Any Chances.

Hi Glynis,

sorry to hear you're having a rough time with your asthma just now. Can I say as a mother who lost her daughter to asthma please don't take any chances. This is your life you're talking about. No-one likes being in hospital but surely a few days in hospital is better than .... well I'm sure I don't need to spell it out to you.

My daughter suffered about 20 respiratory arrests and was admitted to I.C.U on around 40 occasions that's how bad an attack can get so quickly so please don't play GOD with your life.

I hope you feel better soon and get the help you need. Don't be afraid to ask and question anything you don't understand or are unsure about.

Bernadette's Mum.


@Glynis and Plumie - the ""what to do in an emergency"" info can be found in the terms and conditions, and there's a link to that on the left-hand side of the page below the ""Talking points"" and ""Search"" boxes.

Glynis - looking at your profile (assuming


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