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infections and Asthma


The last 2-3 months ive been on lots of steroids and strong antibiotics and nebs

My GP has given me steroids and antibiotics for nasty chest infection and breathing problems.

The walk in centre have given me steroids and antibiotics and nebs.

The AnE also put me on steroids and antibiotics and nebs for breathing problems and pain in chest

My asthma nurse has also put me on steroids and antibiotics also for breathing problems and nebs.

When went AnE Last night as breathing was bad and in pain, I had xray and bloods done and showed up nasty chest infection again in blood and on xray.and lungs inflamed and breathing not good ,and again given steroids and Augmentine 625mg

Do you think I need my asthma meds altering or just having a rough patch of infections ?

the last 8-12 weeks it seems like ive been on antibiotics,steroid tabs and nebs every other week and

my asthma nurse and GP and walk in centre and AnE know all about it.

And xrays ,bloods etc shown up infections.I have the flu jab also

Not after advice but does this sound normal to have so many aswell as my daily asthma stuff ?

they are the professionals and go by what they say.

love Glynis

edit-had bloods done to check out wasnt a clot in lungs as had that 2 times and admitted but that test

was ok x

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As you are prob aware steriods reduce your immunity so are more likely to pick up infections is also increases your white blood cells so Dr's sometimes say you have an infection when your white cell count is up when its just the steriods..... So best way to tell is the produce cough (green is usually infection) have they sent a sputum sample just could be the wrong sort of antibiotics to treat the infection... I know some asthmatics take daily antibiotics lower dose for life to help control and you can get antibiotic nebs but tend to be more for COPD


Hi Bizkid,

no not sent no sputum off as wont cough up.just swollowing thick mucus.

just dont feel like getting anywhere at all.

Hope the augmentine helps as not had that for years.

I work in a school so hope im not picking bugs up from the children,

Just feel like saying no more antibiotics or steroids but they must all think I need them.

Im not chesty just a bit of a weeze and all feels hot and inflamed inside and no cough.

fingers crossed hope these work as wearing me out xxxxxxx

Hi Glynis,

I am sorry that you are going through a rough patch at the moment I do hope the steroids and antibiotics do their job and that you start to feel better soon.


I am not a Dr but in my opion I dont think every time you have an infection I think just might be your asthma being poorly controlled you can get a productive cough with asthma.... or virus

Do you have a temp and all those normal infection signs?


hi no temp just bp up abit usualy see my asthma nurse in 2 weeks so might get in sooner.was going ever 2 weeks now 4.but said come anytime or phone her x


I'd look at diet, foods to boost your immune system, plenty of fruit and veg, and as has already been said, pred and antibiotics are really a last resort simple because they wipe out your immune system, and instead of making you better, in the long term the next 6 weeks or so are really going to be the time when you will catch another virus and the whole process starts again.

Sleep is another thing, early nights and the good old days where you go to sleep when it gets dark and wake when the sun comes up really is the best, their is a gland within the brain that regulates body chemicals and is triggered by that cycle.

hope this new course works, but seriously doubt it will be the last unless something is changed, meds and or lifestyle factors.

I agree with Bizkid these infections could just be viral. I have only ever had 1 confirmed bacterial chest infection (in my life) despite 4 hospital admissions and I think I have had about 20 weeks of high dose oral steroids (I have lost count!!) since Christmas.

As Bizkid said steroids can push up your white cell count and in particular your neutrophils and unfortunately a high white cell count and high neutrophils can also be an indication of a bacterial infection. My white cell count is always above normal. Has anyone ever taken blood to try and culture bacteria to confirm an infection (they use those bottles full of media that look a bit like mini wine bottles- they do it when you are admitted and in A&E)? When I used to work at a hospital (as a scientist) I remember one of the screensavers was all about reducing unecessary antibiotic prescribing and how you needed a sputum sample to prescrive antibiotics for a chest infection!! Can't remember what else it said I am afraid.

I would definitely discuss these infections with your asthma nurse. If she does think that they have all been bacterial I would ask whether this is something that needs investigating.

Hope you feel better soon, it is not a good time of year for bugs, I imagine it is especially bad working in a school with all the kids coming back with all their germs.

Take care



hi Bryony,

Had a big blood test and took 8 testubes AT Path lab and also done in AnE 4 weeks ago and

again saturday night.

Can believe what the hospital say with xrays and bloods but not sure if the doc or walk in centre

got it right and just gave me them as asthmatic and possible chest infection as weezy and inflamed.

will question them next time as I think its not normal to have so many infections.

love Glynis xxxxx

edit-going ask my asthma nurse about boosting my immune system for winter


The steriods work by reducing inflamTion and by dampening or reducing the bodies immune system. By opening the airways this can allow infections into the lungs. as our immune system is reduced any infection in the lungs can become worse very quickly. As our lungs are nice moist and warm just the right climate for any infection Nd thNks to steriods nothing to stop them unless u on antibiotics .....

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