not sure what do for the best!

Having a tough time with my asthma and chest infection.So inflamed that my voice as gone.Im taking steroids and antibs and neb amounts of reliever 4 hourly.Tried ring my asthma team but dought they could hear me as voice gone grr!My pf with steroids and neb amounts of reliever is up to 400 so thats good ,but constant coughing fits and so inflamed and not getting better.I know you carnt give out medical info but was wondering if a neb would help get inflamation down at all.Xmas and carnt talk to inflamed and constant coughing to puffed walking out side as to inflamed. Any tips welcome xxx

Edit- had instructions from my asthma team now

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  • take thee too OOH honey.

    geina x

  • Glynis, not sure we can answer this esp re a neb. If you can't speak ask someone else to phone for you and go to GP/OOH GP/A&E/clinic appt as soon as if needed. Have a pen & paper to hand if needed.

  • hope you asked somewhere for some advice/help and that you start to feel better soon! its rotten being ill at xmas!

    B x

  • Thank you guys x Got rest up and give antibs and steroids and reliever longer and keep quiet as I can.Breathing doing ok with pred and reliever so got give prednesalone and antibs and reliever time reduce inflamation and infection and rest.Hosp if breathing gets worse.

  • Glynis nebulisers are not normally given to relieve irritation in the throat unless breathing is serve rely affected .. .. If you have concerns about ur breathing, asthma symptoms and management please seek medical attention .... If treatment is able to be maintained by an inhaler then why would a Neb be helpful ....

  • I agree with Andrew, if you're concerned please get medical advice....

    A neb wouldn't help your inflamed throat, you could try soothing drinks i.e.honey and lemon or sucking a soothing sweet. Other than* that it's just a case of waiting it out, resting and not talking much :)

    *Edit - corrected poor spelling!

  • hi Gussypoo, internet crashed so late reply.Breathing ok when resting with pred and neb amounts of reliever but puffed with inflamation and walking about. my reliever is a powder one so wont take a spacer.Dont worry i will get help if need to and contact my asthma team Edit-went walk in centre and given antibs boxing day.

  • Thank you Fee and Gussypoo .x doing all that so just got give it time and wait it out and rest up till chest infection and asthma settle.

  • Update- asthma really bad but had call back off asthma team and instructions.So thanks guys x

  • just asking: FeeJay said ""a neb wouldnt help your swollen throat"" but my ent cons prescribed 3 times daily nebs of budenoside for my voice loss. it didnt really help, but did help when later in costa with chest infection, back to back and then two hourly nebs. got my voice back now! has anyone else any experience of this type of use for nebs?

    sorry for hijacking the thread, lol!!!

    best wishes to all!

    Rose xxx

  • Hope you're beginning to feel better now glynis. x

  • .... Nebulisers can help the throat in some cases but not all.... that's why Glynis was advised to seek medical advice if any concerns over unable to assess it online ....... Steroids nebulisers are beneficial with croup and stridors.... But again are given after being seen by a dr .....

  • thanks for the info Gussypoo. is this your general knowledge, or is there info online?

    thanks again! Rose xx

  • General knowledge.... Tho will b info online about treatments also

  • how do you clean your home

    Hi Glynis

    when do you get your worst attacks ?

    How do you clean your home ?

  • Hi Pure? Hubby been fab taking care of me.Asthma bad and lost voice.Not seen family over xmas only xmas day but needed rest up.Hubby been a star x

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