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Are people with asthma prone to more infections

Im not after any advice at all just wondering how asthma effects peoples health.

This year ive had lots of bad Asthma flair ups and bad attacks and hospital admissions one of my triggers is cold weather and Asthma flare ups and chest infections.

Are we more prone to infections if we have asthma as my bad flare ups always come with a nasty chest infection and have to have antibiotics and cough medicine along with my increased action plan meds.

thanks Glynis xxx

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Im not sure asthma makes you more prone to infections rather it causes us to take them worse and whenever we get a cold its more likely to go to the chest.

i get chest infections all the time, although i didnt ever have them until i had pneumonia a few years ago.

Think the asthma just makes things more likely to go to the chest but maybe your just going through a rough patch aswell with being ill as your more prone to infection if your run down after being ill. Maybe your not getting enough time to fully recover before you catch something else


Hi Glynis,

I think PamPam is right. Asthma doesn't make you more prone, but it does make the infections appear worse, and certainly takes longer to shift them.

You've had a lot of infections recently, and it's doubtful if you fully recover from each one before the next hits, the whole thing just gets compounded and you get ever lower each time. Plenty of bed rest, and that means sleep, not in bed with laptop or phone. Staying warm and then take it easy when you do finally emerge.



staying warm like woody said is the best thing to do Glynis

I used to get annoyed by my dad telling me to ""sweat it out"" but the best thing i did when i had pneumonia was wear fleecy pyjammas, wrap myself up in blankets and put the heating on. Went to sleep for a good few hours and woke up covered in sweat but it actually did seem to help a bit.

sleep, sleep sleep is the best thing :)


PamPams wrap up and sweat it out works. I spent the weekend in bed wrapped up and curled up under the duvets, and slept most of the time, never felt like waking up let alone actually getting up, but now on the way back up, so sleep and sweat it out.

Think thats why saunas and steam rooms were supposed to be a good idea, as the toxins in the body tend to get flushed out.


aaaaaaaand after posting in here I'm on antibiotics yet again lol

Terrible pains in my side and round to my back and a cough. Doc just prescribed antibiotics over the phone as it sounds like yet another chest infection but if it doesnt settle or gets worse or worries my ive to go in and be seen



Yes on amoxicillin again,chest infection and bad asthma. just got it settling down again and hopefully a little time before the next go.

Glynis xxxxx


Im allergic to penicilin and amoxicillan

Im quite limited in my choices of antibiotics. Im on clarithromycin but can only take the 250mg as the 500mg make me ill aswell!

During winter Im lucky to go a month without an infection


Oh PamPam, I know how you feel. sending you lots of hugs and E-lemsips.




pam pam ,

Hope you are a little better,lemsips are a good idea as Woody-son says.

My husband has a cold and ive got lemsips in for hip,he says im ok just having drinks of hot lemon and 2 paracetamols why? when got lemsips in,so just letting him get on with it xxxxx


surely true

I would think that yes asthmatics suffer an increased number and duration of colds.

Immunity is all over the place and often depressed given the regularity of infections and lung distress. Hard to bounce back when you go from one cold to another and they all go to your chest.

Nasal breathing certainly helped me to help stop catching colds (nose filters 75% of germs etc) which in turn allowed my immunity to recover, and also delays the rate of infection so that it doesnt always go to my chest and goes through the nose and back of throat stages that it used to skip (when i was a habitual mouth breather). This allows my immune system to better fight the infections. I also can breathe through my nose throughout a cold (can do exercises to clear it) so i then do not hasten the cold going to my chest.


Agree with the post below, nasal breathing is the key to filtering, and also sinus rinsing.


still not any better. very bad pain at my lungs, if its not better towards the end of my antibiotics i think I will go in to see the GP - they said thats what id to do anyway or even if im worried before then

Hope your a bit better Glynis

and thanks chris :D


hi pam pam .

Still bad was feeling a little better the last 2 days but wam back to square one and so fed up.Not had many good days and really could do with a few as never get over them or stronger before wam again xxxx


well if this works in a few years we may be in for a cure.



link sems to have moved


Can you repost the link? Wouldnt go through for me.....said it was moved or under construction.



funny, when I tried it I got the same message, but worked when followed from news reader, still gave me same web address.

if you copy and paste the line below into the search box

‘Sat Nav’ Jamming Could Help Tackle Asthma, Blindness and Clogged Arteries

first item in the returned list is the one, as was posted today.

edit: worked out why, the site broke the link and inserted a space in the numbers, hard to spot. corrected with tiny url below



hi woody-som,

Tried both links and wont open,just says not found xxxxx


just tried the tiny url on both computers, works for me.

if you still have problems goto sciencedaily.com/ and enter the text

‘Sat Nav’ Jamming Could Help Tackle Asthma, Blindness and Clogged Arteries - in the search box


thanks woody-som

worked for me xx


still rough and can't eat right off food.

I Feel like ive got a nasty viral infection and cough and lungs so inflamed and not yet responding to amoxicillin.

MY PF is 500 and yet I feel so rough and no energy to fight it off.

Will have to go back see my GP monday if dont start picking up .


Glynis I dont think antibiotics work against a viral illness. you might need to try something else. I think its mostly rest and time for viral illnesses.

i had the effects of a virus for 3 months earlier this year. The fact your PF is high is a good sign at least. Mines has been down to 300 (usually 450) but its gone up again today so hoping that means my antibiotics are helping


As far as I am aware we are more prone to infections as we have lower immunity than the general population. Then add to that the fact that infections are worse for us.



Be glad when better.

Chest infection and sides hurt,wheezing , low PF and low lung function test today,and docs again in morning.no sign of getting better.IT's wearing me out.

Hope santa brings me a weeks good health xx


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