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Is this normal

Today had a nice morning only for my asthma rear its ugly head again.

I dont get many good days and just dont understand how quick I drop back with problems after a nice morning.

I have 3 inhalers and slophyllin and pred when needed and just waiting for reverse airway results to come through from my con although the man who did it said it had no improvement to tests.

Not yet found out any triggers but have constantly got sticky gunk in my throat and just dont be getting many good days at all .

Is it normal with asthma to react so quick and not build up to problems over a few days as some times I do get a few days build up but also react quick when having a good start to the day can just go down hill fast and puffed out .

Not sure what step is next for me but my doc rang the hospital everyday last week to get my results and had no reply so faxing letter to hospital first thing Monday morning.had the tests 3 weeks ago but my con was on holiday the day after.

My doc said I am on top maximum meds from him so its a waiting game for whats to follow.

So the question to this message is how fast do others react with asthma? love Glynis xxx

ps-dont know anyone at all in my life with asthma so gald joined AUK I dont feel so alone now .

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Glynis, one of the main charecteristics of asthma is that is reversible, if there was no reversability shown it is possible you don't have asthma but have some other condition that mimicks asthma. It may be time to ask for a referal to a tertiary centre for difficult asthma to see what they make of things and if they can get to the bottom of the problem.




Thankyou Bex just hoping not COPD,Should get the results back this week with luck and the start to getting to the problem fingers crossed ,love Glynis xxx



I am new to this forum, but have been struggling with controllling my asthma. I began taking medication (inhalers)back in November and have had to increase inhaled steriods to the max ammount.

The tightening feeling in my chest has improved dramatically and peak flow readings have improved but still not consistant. But I feel terrible, I find that I cannot exercise without feeling like a tractor has driven over my chest and I feel wiped out. I have also found that being in a social situation also has this affect on me, it like my chest is really inflamed which if thought would resolved through the steroids.

I am going back to see a doctor tomorrow, as asthma is having a massive impact on my life at the moment. Can anybody tell me that these feeling are normal for someone with uncontrolled asthma.

I am sorry I have attached on to your thread but have no idea how to post initial message.

Thanks for any advice.



your very welcome add your post miss B,yes its normal and a little scary not having

controle over your asthma,im still plodding on trying to find the correct meds for me.

Welcome and you will soon make lots of friends ,pm me an y time xxx


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