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Back Pain

Had go out of hours medical centre last night as back pain realy bad bewteen shoulder blades and ribs.Pf from 500-350. Sats ok at 96. Sounded chest etc. Said no infection but said was due to asthma and coughing with mucus and may be virus.Told me they will send me to hospital if worse and was to ring them and they would ring hospital.See my con and asthma nurse Friday so hope manage till then. X

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sorry youre having a hard time atm glynis. hope things improve really soon, and you manage to stay out of hospital. keep us informed. best wishes!



Hi Glynis,

Hope you feel better soon :) x x


Sorry that you are having a rough time of it Glynis, I hope things improve for you soon.


Asthma still bad and back pain wont let up ,have

keep taking pain killers xxxx


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