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another asthma attack I get so scared and in tears

had a bit of a rough morning and a realy good day only to have a bad asthma attack again.I wish they would stop.after beeing in hosp twice and came out tues I phoned the ward up and were realy helpfull.told me take up to ten puffs of my easyhayler 200 and A N E If not helped.the hospital are sending me for lots of tests in a few weeks time including heart test.Will I ever get back to normal and they go away.My attacks come on so quick,I can be ok one minute then WAM.I try stay calm but get upset and dread the next go the docs friday for club note with leg in plaster I hope he will give me something else

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Hi Glynis I am so sorry to hear you have had another asthma attack. The thing is you need to gain control of your asthma, and this needs to be done by getting you on the right treatment, its possible your current treatment is not enough and needs to be changed. For most people with asthma, asthma can be eventually be well controlled with the right treatment and hopefully will be in your case too.I think you need to make an urgent appointment with your GP as your asthma is clearly not under control at the moment. Have you been given a week's course of Prednisolone tablets by either your GP or A&E? If not its something maybe you should ask about in addition to seeing your GP and Asthma Nurse for a full review. I hope the hospital tests help find out what is going on with you.



Hey Glynis,

Just to say what Simi said really, and to say I hope your feeling better soon. Simi is right that you should go to your GP to see if you need further treatment for your asthma while waiting for your tests.

The other thing is to say that we all get scared when having asthma attacks, there horrible things, even for those of us that have had so many we've lost count! I really hope your doctor is helpful and can help you find a treatment/treatments that work for you. ally x


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