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I am starting back swimming in a few days and its going be a big mile stone for me.

I have used an elbow crutch for 7 years and now managing without it after pushing myself everyday.

This will be the first time going swimming with no sticks and first time with having asthma.

I will tell the lifeguard im asthmatic but im quite nervous about going as keep thinking I will have an attack and end up going AnE In my cozzy and keep putting going swimming off.

so Here goes in a few days and onwards and upwards.

Love to here your stories how you get on at swimming with asthma .

love Glynis xxx

Edit-I have OA in my spine ,hips,knees and neck

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i havent been for many years. i used to go a lot when my teen was young but when i tried a while back my arthritis was too bad in my neck n i was in bloody agony. the chemicals did make me slightly wheezy but then again lots of things do. maybe you could ask the life guard if you could stay in the kids part for while as they tend to be warmer, as the cold water might make you start wheezing ogh and if they could keep a hold of your inhaler and keep an eye out just in case....good luck its brill that you are gonna start back x


Good luck with the swimming Glynis.

I bet you are nervous that is understandable but I am sure it will be fine once you get there.


I would take it easy first glynis. Just a leisurely swim to start with see how u feel before counting the lengths. Good luck but most importantly enjoy the swimming


Hi Glynis,

Have a lovely time swimming, it's very good exercise for arthritis so won't put your body under much strain as the body is being supported. Just take it easy to start with just to ""test the water"" so to speak and then build up from there.Apart from letting the lifeguard know, keep your inhalers etc on the pool side so they are near to hand in case of need. You can build up your confidence and strength very gradually.

sj xx


HI Glynis, apart from splashing around with the kids in the kiddie pool, I haven't been swimming with asthma either so I can't offer any advice I'm afraid.

Good luck with it though, you're doing really well and well done for pushing yourself to using no sticks!!



Good Luck Glynis!

I went yesterday and felt much better afterwards, soothed my aching back and had improved pf this morning. For first few times stay in shallower areas, I felt a bit panicky at first but now have confidence to go in deep end. I have a puff of blue inhaler before getting in and leave it next to pool in case.

First time I started again after resus vist last year, I got wheezy quickly, someone with armbands asked if I was OK LOL! Take it easy to start and you'll soon build up. Also, I've tried 2 pools, the one I go to at moment is much less 'chloriny', if it's a bit strong that can make you wheeze.

Lucy : )


good luck with the swimming.

p.s. i swim for brighton and i have asthma that is exercise induced but with proper care and treatment you can swim and swim lots. i had asthma from birth to the age of seven then it went away for seven years in which i started swimming. then my asthma came back and i had to learn how to control it. it took a while but i am slowly getting there. i am now 14.

hope this helped. x

Jess x


Good luck with the swimming Glynis!

Have you a hydrotherapy pool near you? They are warmer (like 40 degrees) to help people with arthritis etc and might help soothe your joints. Just a thought if you find the ordinary pool too cold.

I swim when I am able too and always tell the lifeguard, give them my inhaler plus have a spare in the locker and my neb in the car just in case. I've always managed without the neb but can get quite wheezy. I tend to just stop, take my inhaler and carry on but I'm super stubborn!



How did the swimming go then, Glynis?

I am trying to get back into the habit of doing a bit of swimming as I'm having a nasty flare-up (missing quite a lot of work and am only doing half-days at the moment). I find that swimming is pretty much the only form of exercise I can tolerate when my chest is acting up, the humidity seems to help.

I try and do say five lengths, then see how I feel. If I'm feeling okay after that then I take it a length at a time. It's incredibly frustrating as I've been a fairly active, sporty type for several years, but I've had to learn not to set hard targets, but to constantly listen to my body, although I guess I'm preaching to the choir here! :)


weezymutt-Not been yet.was going monday ,but asthma has crashed again so got see the doc

im morn.More antibiotics and smarties.

Hope im going be ok to go as Im sick of asthma stuffing up my plans 80(


Well my asthma as stuffed up my plans again to go swimming.

Got a chest infection and wheezy and back on pred and amoxillin.

It doing my nut in as feels like I am taking pred and amoxillin all the time with only

a few days in between and not enough days to recover.

Im on my 7 weeks school holls from work so hope get a chance to go xxxxx


quick Q, you don't have amoxicillin everytime, hope you get a different antiB alternate doses.



hi, each time some are 250 three times aday or 4 times aday or 500mg 3 times aday,

the tabs always look different and some in bubble packs.

Seen diffrent docs each time as our doc left and all temps at the mo.

Pred as started to work now so breathing better but weezy still.

hope get to go soon and put on me new cozzy lol xxx


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