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Asthma still a puzzle ?


I have been on oral steroids for a while for asthma and been having a tough time.

Some days i have woke up and pf been hitting 500 like today,

then just to drop down again to 300 and puffed out again.

my pf chart is up and down like a yoyo!.

not sure what is going on with it but hope allergy tests pick something up.

hope everyone is ok and looking forward to a lovely weekend,

love glynis xxx

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Who ever invented allergies? They are rediculous and we should all send them back for refunds.

Can't really say much other than sympathise with the fact that it must be more exhausting than being at a constant low.

By the way, when you're low and PF is down do you struggle to inhale your spiriva? I find the size of inhalation needed to take it in twice is too much some mornings


HI Nickynoo,

I take it in the morning but always makes me heave when take it ,

some times do it again to make sure ive took it all from the capsule xxx

Day 18 of pred out of 40 again 2 weeks after last 40 days.

See consultant mid may again for tests etc and see what is going to happen hopefully xxx


I know what you mean about getting stuck on pred I try to be positive but seem to get stuck at the same points coming down, had to be put up to 60mg a day today

I take the respimat because I can't take powder inhalations, because of the gagging, so kind of only get one shot (well two but thats not the point).

Hopefully it isn't tree pollen else by May you will have been through the worst with out any help!


Not found out yet what the course is and its all year round with only few days in between ggrrr!!!

Are you on school holls like me? got another week off work and the Monday xx


Yep! And then the Friday and the next Monday and the Thursday! I did suggest we just don't bother and have 4 weeks off!


HO god forgot them,

Bank holl monday,wedding,May day and voting yey!!!


hi glynis- how are you now? my pf is always up and down and sometimes when its on the top end i still feel ill so i tend to ignore it now and go by how im feeling lol. im due for more alergy tests soon but recently found out that some blood tests i had done ages ago show that im low risk for house dust mites-im amazed at this but really pleased, means i can leave the house to rot asthma is always a puzzle and i still dont know everything that sets it off but il keep my fingers crossed that your tests show up something of use to you x


Hi Jay39,Im still really breathless and my pred drops down to 25mg for a week not sure if should ring my hosp asthma nurse up Monday see what she wants me do.Had ten days at 40mg and now 5mg reductions a week till see her next month and had 40mg 40 day plan just 2 weeks before that.Beeing monitored for neb or daily pred or any other option.She increased Slophyllin last visit also.Hope allergy test shows something but as its all year round and get no hayfever symptoms its hard to find out.Hot and cold and damp weather sets me off and colds and virus etc sprays and bleach and did react bad to a apple I forgot to wash first. I keep plodding on and hope find some answers. Hope you are ok,love glynis xxx


Still having a tough time ,asthma just wont settle down.

Steroids keeping me out of hospital pf 250-300 and allergy tests again next month.

love glyins xxx


Having been off work since 1st April - no it is not an April fool although I feel one. Preds and Antib's finished, still on neb 4 times a day until mid may when I see the Insultant not allowed back to work until then. With all I am taking - Clenil Modulite 250 mdi Inhaler, 3 x 2 puffs daily, Salmeterol Xinafoate (Serevent) 2 x 2 puffs daily, Ventolin –around 8 puffs per day all via areo chamber, Montelukast Sodium Tablets, Lansoprazole and, Quinine Sulphate to control the night cramps. Plus Nebs 4 times a day. I now have Daktarin Gel for Mouth Thrush. Still breathless when talking and getting dressed, pf up around 390 - 450 when using neb, down to 330 early hours of the dawn. Brassed off, you bet, the quacks do not know what to do next so the next four weeks will be spent watching the grass grow. Blast and bother it all.


Awaiting a call back from my asthma nurse at the hospital 80(


Update. Hospital rang me. After 40mg pred 10 days with 5mg reduction weekly im back struggling. Got stop on 25mg and ringing me Wednesday.If the same got stop on 25mg platform for a while till stable and then reduce 5mg weekly again till see her next month or ring up if need her. Just fed up now as already done it all 2 weeks before 40 days. And taking 10 puffs reliever 4 hourly.Glad my hospital asthma nurse is looking after me ,just wish I new what keeps making me crash x


how u now glynis?

i am stuck on 40mg still, for past 9 weeks, did go down to 30mg. with my recent costas it not suprising went back up to 60mg at one point but back to 40mg till see cons + asthma nurse next thurs.

on max dose hyllocontin/ theophyllin too and peak flow still 440 and symptoms dont always match my peak flow its quite weird aint it.

like you i have hayfever all year round... also allergy testing last months showed positive to dust as well. and also react to bleach , flowers (not good for valentines day and birthdays lol) and perfumes - which caused resp arrest and hdu 2 weeks ago :( grrr!! hope things improving for us both now, hey?!

after what we both been through recently, we deserve it!!


snowygirl xx


Hi snowygirl,Im still puffed and hosp nurse ringing me Wednesday to sort out pred dose again.My MD is bad also and full blown symptoms being sick and verry dizzy. Resting up and hope we both get our asthma to behave a bit to reduce the steroids a bit more xxx


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