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Does anyone take Diuretics and found it makes your asthma worse?

my asthma really bad at the moment and severe on steroids at the moment.

Just read up about diuretics can cause breathing problems for asthma so waiting for a call back

of the doctor to see if need to stop them as the hospital put me on then 3 week ago for my MD.

Any one had the same problem at all x

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I didn't notice any change in my asthma but I was in costa having treatment when they put me on them. At the time I had such bad fluid retention it was in danger of reaching my lungs. I think some of the worry is that some of the older diuretics can cause electrolyte imbalances as can high doses of salbutamol.

I'm not a medic so hopefully one of them may be able to give you more info.

Take care



my doctors asthma nurse just rang me ,but worried and said she will get the doctor to

ring me as really severe

attacks,tablet ent gave me says ,do not take if asthmatic ,

God ive never been so bad.

12 puffs of reliever 4 hourly hardly lasting and on steroids.

Be glad when he rings me up as hard to talk.

Hope stopping the tab will help me pick up next few days if he says its ok to stop with no reduction.

Will go AnE IF need to .


will ring my asthma consultant and team after let them know or tomorrow xxx

EDIT-doc rang back and told stop taking the diuretic BENZO Something and get help if need it.

sofa rest and full action plan in action xxx

And due see my MD consultant Wednesday.


Hi Glynis,

I'm really sorry to hear that you struggled with your diuretic (Bendroflumethiazide?), but glad to hear that your doctor has encouraged you to stop taking it. Are you feeling any better?

The only things that I can think of (apart from allergy to the medication) might be electrolyte imbalance, as Rabbit said, or perhaps dehydration. Many doctors believe that dehydration can contribute to worsening asthma control/increased symptoms.

Anyway, hope your lungs are behaving themselves now!



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