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At the moment I have labrenthitis and on meds for it,verry dizzy and my tinitus driving me nuts as it s so loud in both ears hard to stand the noise .

Anyone had this?

Think my gp is going keep me on the meds long term but as anyone had realy loud tinitus and then settled down.

At the moment finding it hard and feel sick with dizzyness but not coping well with the suround sound thanks Glynis xxx

getting tearful with the noise and just want it stop 80(

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Hi Glynis, I know it's so frustrating and trying to hear people over the top of the noise is impossible. The best way to calm the noise down is to try to relax. Concentrating on something else will help with music in the background. Mine is unbelievably loud when I'm stressed or in panic mode, it's like shouting.Because you are feeling sick and dizzy this is probably making you panic and the tinnitus louder, a vicious circle. It probably limits what you can do, I was going to suggest do something you love doing but that may be impossible when you feel yucky.I'm off to London for a conference and exhibition on deafness tomorrow, I will see if I can get any more new info on tinnitus whilst I'm there. It will probably be the same old info, give up chocolate, wine, tea coffee and listen to whale music.......or the more radical one of taking lithocane in huge doses which cures tinnitus for about 10 seconds. Well it's a start and they are working on it. Doesn't help you much though.

Take care and hope you feel loads better soon

Lots of love Kate xxx


Hi Rattles ,thankyou for your reply,hope you are ok.

welcome for any info you find out at your confrence xxx

hope you liked the email pics,my twin never gets ill but me

the older twin by ten mins gets everything going along with my asthma xxx

lots of love Glynis xxx


Hi Glynis,

I have tinnitus, deafness and vertigo affecting both ears.

Ihope you begin to recover from the labyrinthitis soon. It's very frightening, but should start moderating within a few weeks. You might find that the tinnitus clears up completely once you're on top of the labyrinthitis.

I do tend to find my tinnitus and other inner ear symptoms worsen during asthma attacks, I guess it's changes in pressure, and possibly changes in blood gas concentrations that worsen it.

Lots of vicious circles within vicious circles. As Rattles has said, learning how to relax helps.

Has your GP mentioned VRT, Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy. There are a few balance centres in the UK, but a general physio might also be able to help, as long as they have some experience of balance diseases. Not only can it help with getting balance back, but should help you cope with any residual tinnitus, if it doesn't clear completely.

take things easy for now,



leaf,thankyou for your info,hope the noise does settle down its doing my nut in none stop xxx


poor you

I've had labyrynthitis with tinnitus and can honestly say I've never felt so ill or so miserable! Truly horrible. But it does eventually settle down, usually within 6-8 weeks I think, and then the tinnitus generally goes. Mine did, thank goodness. Hang on in there & I really hope yours goes too x


Still alittle dizzy and ears ringing loud and some hearing loss. Still on medication for it.

Did try reduce meds to the normal dose but had go back to 6 tabs as giddy.

Does it go for good or keep coming back again,I dread to think if got it again as made me so ill.Glynis xxx


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