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lung function tests-reversable

Got test tomorrow,not sure how long after see my con and if will alter my meds.

Asthma not good at the moment so going be hard going with out meds from tonight.

Last test last month didnt go well and when on machine when blowing out sent me in to coughing fits and tears from coughing.

Had repeat tests few times and same thing happend.

my con said I was in the high to normal range as one with asthma.

Will this reversable test help sort me out and give me meds soon.

I know carnt give out medical advice,just wondering where do I go from there after this test? lolx

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if I remember right The aim is to see lung function pre and post med. The greater the diference between the 2 indicates poorer control. It also shows if your responding to medication. All I can say is try and not get too stressed. I know these test are never pleasant. hope all goes well for you glynis and you get your meds sorted


thanks Gussypoo. will keep you posted lol glynis xxx


shouldn't be any worse than doing normal peakflows, just that they are more technically accurate and detailed. Good luck anyway


Hey Glynis how did the audition go for ""big bad wolf"" I'll huff and a I'll

puff to blow your house in. Was it the one u sit in the chamber..... Gussypoo


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