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Asthma a pain !

MY asthma wont behave still.

My pf goes from 450 -250.

sometimes it comes on over a day or so with colds and chest infections but most of the time i get

no warning and drop from 450 ish down to 300-250.

Been in most of the day and around no known triggers and nothing different all day and still dropped with no warnings so baffling me as not been around anything unusual to trigger attack.

Im on lots of meds and pred and awaiting more allergy tests next month and under consultant and hospital asthma nurse ,just carnt understant why wont settle and why drop so quick.

love glynis xxx

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Stay sane Glynis.

There is a lot of airborne stuff flying around at the mo with dust covering cars etc. This might have something to do with it. Mine is pants the last few days & I will be off to get some pred tomorrow too.

You take care. x


so sorry youre having such an annoying time, but as has already been said, there is a lot of weird stuff flying around in the air at the moment, which probably doesnt help. take care.


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