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Asthma nurse

Since having asthma and no one in my life with it ,ive had to go the docs regulary to

try get my asthma controled.

Hospital visits to my con but months apart and tests,hospital stays and AnE visits.

Now I have a Asthma nurse name Bev at our docs and shes wonderful and

wish I had her 2 years ago with the start of my asthma.

Shes wonderful and she uped my meds and now put me also on antihistamines.

Shes going to see me regular 2 /4 weeks apart till im more stable and then regular

visits and also anytime I need her,

I feel more confident now knowing shes there for me,shes so friendly and realy has the time to

listen to me and give me information,so now can see my gp for anything else.

so happy now and hope everyone else has a Asthma nurse to help them.

love Glynis x

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Hi Glynis,

I am very pleased that you are happy with your Asthma nurse, I do hope you start to have less asthma attacks.

Take care of yourself.


Hi Glynis

I just wanted to say that can totall agree with you about asthma nurses, i have one at m surgery, one at my local hospital and oen at RBH and tha are all wonderful!!

The two local hospital nurses see me ever week and are excellent (even though i argue with them lots when trying to avoid going in), the really understand my frustrations!

Anyway enough rambeling just wanted to say how much i agreed with you

Best Wishes



asthma nurses

I have 2 wonderful asthma nurses, alison and louise at my hospital. They are very supportive and will contact other departments on your behalf. Liasie with other asthma nurses if your admitted at a different hospital. Phone you at home after terrible asthma attacks and make themselves available. They even talk to your doctors ion your behalf. Thank God for them. The nurse at my Gp is nice too but not a asthma nurse.



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