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Blue lips!

Haing problems lips goblue when im walking sometimes only to go ok when rest a bit. School children and work mates and family keep telling me and when got in from work today and son said they gone blue and got me a mirror. I have already been under a cardiologist and had scan and ultra sound on my heart and were ok.My asthma consultant also said had seen the scan results and were ok..I see my consultant next week and left message for my hospital asthma nurse to phone me . My pf has been 250-300 as got a cold but up to 350-400 now.just dont know why go blue. Off to see my Gp tomorrow to see what he thinks before consultant next week. breathing not to bad and been A n E before with it and did ABG and was ok and was them who made apt for me see cardiologist and tests and were ok. Is this just a asthma thing or still need to push for answers. breathing not to bad and goes ok with in minutes resting .x UP DATE BELLOW!

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any time any lips/fingers/toes/anything else go blue, should get it checked out. been told by my gp/out of hours doctors/nurses/doctors/consultants that blue isnt good & to get checked out ASAP, mentioned it to GP when I was in with my asthma at one point as i wake up with blueish lips most mornings.



Seen my doc this Morning.He said wasnt worried about my lips going blue as heart tests and scans and ABG were ok.He said take my reliever when going out and take it when lips are blue and if breathing bad and inhaler not helping get help as i do !. Doc said its a asthma symptom that my oxygen leaval has dropped and need my reliever. ""This is only how i am and have been checked out and any one Who reads this and happens to them need to get it checked out asap!"" ↲

EDIT-My Hospital asthma nurse just rang she going do blood gas next wk also and she said my asthma is severe and blue lips are a sympton i consultant next wk.


good luck (:


great to hear it is ok!, sometimes happens to me too and my neumonologyst here told me the same.


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