Asthma and steroids ggrr!

Has you may have seen my asthma is playing up big style.Im back on 40mg pred and day 7 but lungs still not happy and needing lot of reliever. Pf 250 and up to 300 and drops. Got up today and pf was 400 yippie when sat up in bed only to drop to 300 again and still inflamed and yoyoing up to 300 and 250.Steroids always up to yet have done the trick but this time my asthma really playing tricks. Keeping pf chart and got allergy test next month and see consultant and asthma nurse there. Looks like a waiting game .Pick up or green men if need them.Love

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  • You poor thing Glynis I do hope you start to feel better soon

  • Thanks x is a bit scary as a lot worse this year and since started 4 years ago age 40 has got worse.x

  • Groundhog day still. So breathless and pf 250. Sofa arest most of the day i think. To puffed to puff.

  • 'Asthma and steroids ggrr

    Well here goes, after having controlled asthma without an attack since 1970 plonk I had a real bad scare last week. First trip in an ambulance and first visit to A & E. Breathing like I had run 26 miles in four minutes. Blue turbo haler usless. Had a lovely cocktail of Ventolin and Atrovent. Now on 40mg of the foul tasting white things plus 500mg of amoxy. Forced to rest with pf down to 310 from 420. Cannot walk upstairs without puffing like an old billy goat. Unwatched DVD ready to go

  • **hugs**

    rest up glynis.

    dear lungs, please behave for glynis to have a break!

    love snowygirl x

  • Thank you snowygirl. Just been out get meds xxx

  • Sleep sleep and more sleep and steroids and reliever ? Going stuff a mouse up Nellies trunk if she keeps over staying her visits xxx

  • Hey Glynis - I'm the same, Pred just isn't doing what it should, and Nellie is having a house-party on my chest. Have a nasty feeling it'll be back to the docs tomorrow, because I can't go on like this, just getting more tired every day.

  • OMG!!! Woke up feeling ok and Pf 450 woohoo ! At last I think Nellie as gone but the next day or so will tell better.Think mouse did the glynis xxx

  • Oi Glynis, take Nellie back!! I've now got two of them doing synchronised tap dancing on my chest...

  • Ratty, sending u a mouse stuff up Nellies nose <;"">--- xxx

  • Memory & tired?!

    Anyone else find their brain goes on strike i.e. foggy/forgetful or get very tired as well as a few random bad nights sleep too?

  • Glynis

    Are you using your puffer with an AeroChamber spacer?

  • JamesM, Hi,my easyhaler does not fit a spacer as its a powder one. Pred kicked in now and settling down a bit.On day ten of 40day pred plan 2 weeks after last 40 day plan.Consultant monitoring me for matinance etc or glynis x EDIT PF droped again and lungs and throat full of mucus. ggrr !

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