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Prednisalone Munchie Tips

Just thought It would be a good post for a place where we can share a few tips on

how to deal with pred munchies and what works best for you !!!

A friend on FB said extra strong mints.

I tend to drink low call hot chocolate if craving chocolate but last night got through a bag of humbugs and felt guilty after.

So see what we can come up with and try when we feel really hungry and nothing seems to

fill us up . love glynis xxx

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Good idea Glynis (mind you I shouldn't really talk about steroid munchies, only had one course as that lot didn't work and they made me lose my appetite).

Just to say re mints - I find it stops me nibbling (with no pred excuse lol!) as you've got something in your mouth for a good long while (if you go for the extra strong Trebor ones) and then afterwards your mouth is so minty you don't want to eat anything!

I have also heard the tip that if you want a biscuit or whatever you should just have it (then stop) - otherwise you'll eat other stuff to 'make up' then probably eat the biscuit anyway.


Will power

I have been eating wine gums, I don't eat chocolate. Had my pred reduced after hospital admission over Xmas but kicked off big time so back on 40mg. I like something crunchy to, but am afraid fruit does not cut it! Good look all and stay well

Lisa xx


Philomela, ive been told that by nutritionist cons several times: even when on a diet, you should programme some sweet/fatty foods in each day/week (a little) cuz otherwise youll derail one day and eat loads of the wrong stuff all at once, which is much worse.


Just finished my third course of Pred's :/ is that the reason my weight has ballooned in three weeks???


Currently on 60mg (since early December) and hope to start reducing next week. Non stop on preds since October 2010 and despite managing to reduce never managed below 12.5 during this time.

My skin is not in a good condition, very puffy face and generally beginning to suffer from long term use.

Always found that I ate lots of kit Kats, Jaffa cakes and custard creams (all the good healthy stuff lol), but for some reasons I seem to be currently hooked on jelly babies which I hadn't had since I was a kid but somebody brought me some when I was in costa in December, since then I think that I am single handedly keeping Bassetts in business, even stranger I seem to addicted to drinking Bovril as well.

Real good diet!!!!!


Fab post..although i have to say im that paranoid about gaining weight i kind of fail with the whole eating thing. Ill be lucky if i have a meal a day. So if any one has tips about how they can stop the paranoid gremlin inside that would be great lol. My current intake is a yoghurt in the am and possible a meal in the evening. im not to brilliant with drinking either. My physio tells me off as she says it helps with shifting mucus. One thing you can say im addicted to though is hot choc. I can say i habe atleaat two a day. And even with such a poor diet. Im not loosing weight. If anything im still managing to put it on. Isnt it to do with the way the fat is processed and stored so know matter what we eat or dont eat, anything we consume will be absorbed like a sponge?!?!?!



Celery, prunes, dried fruit, fresh fruit...............


I'm currently hooked on mini eggs... not good at all!!


I could do with any tips you've got cos I've just realised I've put on just under 2 stone since starting these steroids back in October 2010 and I'm proper miffed n confused cos clothes are still fitting me ... Is it possibly water retention??

Anyway onto the munchies I'm craving chocolate like it's air, and I've been eating a full bar if I've got started! Not good!! I'm eating like i usually do so nothing has changed really apart from not being able to move about or exercise so I'm not using up the calories I'm intaking.

I'm also addicted to cups of tea, I'm going through sometimes 40 teabags in a week! And I usually have one sugar in it but swapped to sweeteners but now I'm not sure if that's doing any good or not now LOL. All very confusing stuff ... I really do hate being on steroids!!!

Jilly xxx


wierdly plums work for me and apples at stopping the pred munchies.

oooh and marmite on toast (ok hungry now!).

midge :)


Love onion rings and also fruit,crave sugar things like fizzy cola bottles yum! got try be good as go weight watchers as going be on steroids till mid Feb !!! .Think will drink a pint of water before a meal and suck sugar free mints!


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