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Grumpy lungs

Asthma playing up and not helping sitting in living room with wall paper taken off.Chest getting really tight.The man coming Friday or week on Friday to plaster room.Dreading it with my asthma and days to dry out. The dust alone when mixing it and will end up all through the hose on surfaces et and the amount of mess to clean up after and putting things back and nets and curtains.Just dreading it and worried how my lungs react.I need to be around to keep eye on things and keep my in door cat out of the way and make sure my dog is ok . Just dont want end up in AnE.ggrr. Any tips on what to do?

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Hey i no it way sound silly but just make sure u keep al l ur windows up at al times, mayb wear a builders mask whilst itp at its worst, and i wuld go to local building merchant loanin shop and query the cost to rent a dust blower thing that helps the push or suck up the dust that becomes created....or u could ring the plasterer and c if they have similar gaget as they should!


Ask them to do the mixing outside? That should help keep the dust down.


the dust from mixing the new plaster will be bad, but if you have old dusty plater that needs knocking off then that's going to be the dustier of the jobs and can't be prevented. you could enquire about fans but majority of firms doing the work don't have those things. Also with new plaster it's going to take a while to dry out so will be damp air for a while, and if papering again, then you won't be doing that for 6 months, may ignore the drying out process but i have the offical guide from British Gypsum who make the Plast an it says no paper for 12months, an paint after 6months but you can paint after a few weeks with a thin mat emulsion (no gloss or vinyl)


Oh Glynis, I really feel for you. I had some work done in my house last November and it made me so ill I quite literally couldn't think. Someone gave me some of those DIY masks and not only were they not much use, but every time I exhaled my glasses steamed up! Then a good friend came to see me and dragged me off to stay with her until the work was completed (I'd got to the stage where I couldn't get my head round the theory of dust = v. ill therefore go away from dust) have you got anyone who you could go to stay with BEFORE the dust makes you ill? If not, is there a reasonable B&B you could go to?

Take lots of care.



Stay with relatives or failing that buy a dust mask !!!!!


The best possible solution is to stay somewhere else until all the work is complete. There is no point in taking unecessary risks with your health. Board your pets too because it won't be good for them either.



Went AnE Wednesday and had nebs,xray and pred and Augmentin.

Asthma nurse rang me today said take the pred and damp dust and windows open

Going to ring me Monday see how i am.

The work man carnt come for 3 weeks so going be 3 weeks with powdery plastery old walls.

then plaster day and weeks to dry out so more dust then decoration eg paint.

so on 30mg pred.

Lungs still not happy and went splat going Tesco with hubby tonight (friday) and lot of reliever ,still not to good

so more reliever and lungs really not happy.

Going try tough it out with neb amounts of reliever along with my pred

till my hospital asthma nurse rings me Monday but will get help if need it before hand.

Really dont want be on pred for next 6 weeks but so far reliever not helping on its own.

Got open windows,damp dust etc and friend suggested hover walls .xxx


Lungs really angry and puffed out.Resting up on sofa and puffed moving round the house. ggrr!


Been out for bit in fresh air,Asthma not good lungs angry and chest really tight and full of mucus.Lots of reliever. Last day of pred.Asthma team ringing me tomorrow.


Hosp asthma nurse rang me so gald she knows how i am

and feel better knowing what to do xxx


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