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nose problem

Had a nasty cough and cold and asthma been a bit off and had antibs and 2 days left to take.Anyway my nose is so painful as if been hit in it and pain all round my eyes and ears and a really gunky nose and rubish.Never had it before so will get in see my doctor tomorrow.Pf ok but bit puffed.From what i have read think I could have sinusitus.Not after medical advice just wonderd if anyone has had it ? X

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I'm sorry that you are not very well Glynis, I hope you feel better soon


Thank you asthmagirl. Every time i swallow its thick gunk.My lungs ok as pf ok but causing probs with airways xxx


Sinusitis can be very painful. Has had me in tears before now. Pain around the cheek bones and just above the eyes. Very tender when pressed.

Cleared up with the usual ABs

Hope you feel better soon


Sounds like Sinusitis to me. I have had 2 ops to help me out with a continuing problem there. Go to the doctors because as I know to my cost it rarely clears on its own. Try steaming your nose it does help a bit. The towel over the head and a bowl of boiling water thinghy! Good luck with it cos it certainly is a painful thing to have. I usually get jangly top teeth too.


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