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Bones !!

I am on pred quite a lot now and usualy 40mg for ten days with 5mg reduction weekly and my consultant monitoring me and been on matinance dose and trying 40 day plan but when off it i crash again only to start 40 mg 40 day plan of consultant and his asthma nurse. Back to bones! Should I be taking anything to protect my bones. im on 3 inhalers 4 lots of tabs. 2 lots of tabs for 0A and 2 lots of tabs for severe MD thats really hard cope with. Dont really want take more meds as on way to many,but dont want OA get worse. Could a good diet with lot of calsium help or really need a tablet . Any views love glynis x

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Hi Glynis, Yes you should be taking extra calcium. Preds lead to calcium loss from the bones, I got Osteoporosis as a result of long term use of preds. Ask your GP for a prescription for calcium/vit D - the tabs are much stronger than the ones you can buy in the shops. xx

Edit. You've only been on steroids fairly recently, so your bones are probably ok, it's just the steroids that can lead to bone loss so your other meds are ok.


Hi Glynis, if I were you I'd definitely discuss this with your doctor.

I had my first DEXA (bone density) scan about 5 years ago thanks to needing to be on pred continuously and my bone density was below what it should have been. Since then I've been on calchiew D3 tablets and once a week I take Alendronic Acid. I had another DEXA scan last month which showed the my bone density is better than it was so the tablets are doing their thing :)

Dawn xx


YES!!!! I wasn't started on bone protection when I was started on long-term steroids, and being left unprotected has probably resulted in the issues I have now. I have now been diagnosed with osteoporosis and am on my third fracture. It's absolutely wrecked my quality of life (sorry on a bit of a not had much sleep downer at the mo - I'll cheer up in a bit!!) and stopped me doing the stuff I love, even more than my asthma has.

I take Calcichew (calcium and Vit D3 - big chewable tablets, taste disgusting) twice a day, extra Vit D (mine's low, and you need it to absorb the calcium, otherwise it doesn't matter how much calcium you eat/take, it won't be absorbed) and Alendronic Acid.

I believe there should be much clearer guidance/regulation to doctors about starting bone-protection. Steroids are fine if just occasional short courses, but if used long-term, the side-effects (long and short term) really need to be considered.


My GP said that there is new advice recommending bone protection treatment for anyone who has been on pred for 3 monthsish. I am on Alendronate and Calcichew to prevent further deterioration of osteoporosis.


Thanks every one ,

Off for 2 weeks Easter holls now so will book in see my doctor to sort it out with

bone protection tabs as could regret it later down the line .

love glynis xxx


Please please please get bone protection!!!

I have been on and off steroids for the past three years now including a long 3 month stint over summer, where I spent a week on 60mg + hydro + methylpred. Back to the point, I've now been diagnosed with moderately severe scoliosis which is a curvature of the spine. I'm too old to be classified as having juvenile idiopathic and the orthopaedic surgeon said it was as a direct result of pred and it weakening my bones. They wouldn't say but i'm almost 100% certain that would have been prevented if i had bone protection

So please be on the safe side!



I literally used to experience pain or achiness in my bones after a bad episode of asthma and having to use steroids. I had no clue where the hurting was from. I went to my TCM doctor with the problem and she very hesitatingly informed me that it was the steroids and that the affect is very hard to reverse. She gave me some teas that actually helped and now I don't get the bone pain anymore. Good luck:)


Thanks for all your replies xxx

Will get in see my doc Monday to sort out the tabs for me to protect my bones.

I have OA in all my joints and spine ans neck and had knee opps and walked with sticks for 7 years and had to fight my way back by pushing my self and on strong meds for it also.

So will def get it sorted,first thing on my to do list.

love glynis xxx


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