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info for others if want start the gym etc

I started back the gym and when I went to see the doctor about asthma ,I said im going the gym

twice a week costing 8 pound and he said well done and said I was ok to go health wise and take

it easy.

Then my lovely doc rang through to the nurse and found out something for me.

Because I have health issues and put bit of weight on he asked me if want go on a life style thing.

Basically -I will be getting 20 free weeks to a gym and 12 or 20 weeks free to weight watchers.

I use a private gym near by me but will need to use the council sport centre near me and get

20 weeks free,so thought I would let people know in case they were thinking about going the gym.

The Council sport centre has a pool,yoga,palates,gym,sauna and lots more and free for me for 20 weeks.

love glynis xxx

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thats amazing well done you and well done doc!


Oh that's really interesting to know, thanks for sharing!

And well done again, I need some of your motivation!!!!


In Herefordshire it is called the ""Lift Programme,"" and has to be prescribed by your GP!


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