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medi ID

I was thinking today as most people have mobile phones ,

wouldnt it be good to have a MEDI ID as a screen saver/wallpaper on our phones.

I went on google on asthma symbols and went on images and

alot of symbols for different illnesses came up and put my phone camara over it and got it now on my phone or coppy and save to pc documents etc to download to phone.

Got a asthma ID now on my mobile as

a walpaper.

Hope this is a good idea for others ,be glad of responces to this x

EDIT- if you type in asthma logos on google then press images there is a big Asthma UK one to down load xxx this works EDIT- BEST USE THE NATIONAL ALERT THOUGH WITH ASTHMA ACROSS ETC!

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Smart cookie! good idea, we have problems of getting Son a mediband as consultant said put asthma on it, but he doesn't react like a normal asthmatic so still thinking on what to do. A screen saver on his phone would be a great start.

Hope you are having a good day

Love Kate xx


That's a great idea! I have an SOS Talisman bracelet, which I wear, but on phone as screen saver is a great idea too.


Interesting Idea!

How do I get one into a mobile phone with no camera? (Yes, I have good ole Nokia)

Regarding ID etc Medic Alert bracelets are good because you can have engraved on them what you like within reason. e.g. I have Brittle Asthma etc...



I run/cycle with a dog tag like the military use and it contains mostly contact details but as you can customise them have one line with ASTHMA wrote on it. brill company roadID.com

but also been mentioned on here before is the emergency SMS so if you can't speak hopefully you could send a txt. register first @ emergencysms.org.uk/


hi Kate moss.

go on google and type in google logos and press images and a big asthma one comes on.

then coppy and paste it to your documents .then put your pho ne cable in to down load to phone.

iof you carnt can email me .will send my email by pm xxxx

sorry carnt get to email.

I have a wrist sos telisman with a expanding braclet


The only cable I have for my phone is a charger! LOL! I doubt it would take a picture file anyway.....


Kate you're probably correct. If it has pictures then someone could message you one otherwise yeh I agree a phone is for making calls not all the extras they now come with, unless they can do the dishes then I'd upgrade LOL.

Glynis, I assume you have the AUK logo? maybe you'd be better off using the international medical logo with the word asthma or asthmatic on it .. docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B1... (http://tinyurl.com/ycsy8wl)

always download the image and bluetooth it across to your phone.


Thanks Chris

got the medi sign on mine now and ASTHMA across it.

as well as my sos expanding telisman braclet.


USB dog tag

I also have one of the dog tags, but mine is a usb one, with blank metal one to engrave with 'asthma' that they can plug into any pc in the hospital and access my meds, allergies etc. It's called a Utag.

It was designed for bike riders originally, which is what i got mine for, my helmet has a sticker on saying for the emergency services that i have an ICE medi tag on me. But have found it good for general use as it includes a photo of me on it, as well as all the other info on it, the nurses who i worked with at my local hospital liked it. I've just looked at the website and it has credit card and bracelet versions.

I hope it is ok to put the link to where I got it utagice.com/index.html

In my wallet I always have AUK's asthma attack card which i show someone if i am having an asthma attack and need help.


BRILLIANT -glad to see people using medi alerts.

Just wish my stubern hubby and 2 sons would wear one as all epileptic .

love Glynis xxx


Glynis thank you for saying about epileptics wearing medi tags. My youngest has epileptic episodes consultant not sure which type he has yet so is caling them episodes as he is know suffering from both versions. Seems to be mainly staring ones but the occassion full-on seizure. I am awaiting a call from the engravers telling me that mine and Ryan's dog tags are ready. I bought the military style ones and just got them engraved with our names, asthmatic, type of asthma and med details. Also got to get one for my daughter as she allergic to dairy and has a list of medical issues too but not sure yet which style to get her. The ones I was thinking about buying was to expesive and it would of meant replacing the ones fo rth ekids everyknow and again but thsi way all I will have to do is buy a new chain for the dog tag to go on until new meds or change of dosage happens. Like the idea of the USB tags will have to take a look at those. Brilliant idea about the mobile screensaver too will have to sort that out. Also I am mad I am planning on getting ""Medi alert I am asthmatic) tattooed around my wrist but I am thinkin gthat people might think I am taking the micky and ignore it. I am terrible fo rnot wearing jewelary but hopefully I will remember to wear my dog tag


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