Just a bit of info needed if you can help!

My asthma is being a real pain at the moment and few AnE Visits etc.

I am on 40 mg pred at the moment for 7 days form AnE ant antibs etc and had lots of tests.

AnE said see your doc to put im in the picture with meds they gave me and tests the next day.

Well went see doc and he gave me 40 pred tabs and got reduce them 2 tabs every 2 days till all gone.

He said will up my steroid inhaler.

Im on seritide 250 and 2 puffs morning and night so was wondering what is max dose on it as I know docs sometimes go over max dose on meds with doc supervision or is there a higher steroid inhaler?

love Glynis xxx

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  • Glynis there is a Seretide 500 inhaler, so if your GP wanted to double up on your current inhaler, that would be fine!

  • Katina,thank you xxx

  • Katina,thank you xxx

  • Hi,

    I'm on Seretide 250x2puffs twice a day. 2x250 gives the same steroid dose as 1x500 but gives you double salmeterol (than the 500), I believe, I'm no expert. I think the drugs you get are 50(salmeterol )/250 or 50(salmeterol )/500.

    Someone with a 500 might be able to confirm whats in that one? Apologies if I've got it wrong!

  • Seretide 500 (an accuhaler) is actually 500mcg fluticasone & 50mcg salmeterol with the dose being one puff twice a day so it is actually a dry powder equivalent of seretide 250 evohaler (250mcg fluticasone & 25mcg salmeterol) 2 puff twice a day. You are actually on the maximum *licensed* dose of seretide, but it is not unheard of for doctors to exceed licensed doses of medicines where the benefits outweigh any risks.

    EDIT: For clarifcation the Seretide accuhaler dose is 500/50 (1 puff twice a day) and Seretide evohaler dose is 250/25 (2 puffs twice a day).

    I use the seretide 500 accuhaler as metered dose inhalers (AKA sprays/puffers) make me worse.

  • They don't make this easy do they!

    Mine is the Seretide 250 accuhaler, which has 50 salmeterol and 250 of the steroid. Now I'm wondering why they're different?

  • @TS all the seretide accuhalers are intended to be one puff twice a day, while the seretide evohalers are intended to be two puffs twice a day which is why the ratios are different.

  • Thanks Nimueh. It all makes sense now

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