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Anti inflamatories

Went the doctors today as got achillese tendonitis. This is due to old injury. Last time had and ended up with cast on 6weeks.The doc put me on ibuprofen 400mg 3 times a day. I said im asthmatic and he said keep reliever with you and stop them if makes asthma worse and will put me on steroids again.(dont want any more just got off the buggers).So got wait and see how i go on them. Anyone had them and been ok on them with asthma?

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hi glynis

i had same prob before achilles tendonitis and told gp couldnt have ibuprofen obviously! so got given ibuprofen in form of gel instead.. as its different form and so the side effects are diff and i didnt get any wheeze, or any other side effects of asthma from it. think it was something like ibuleve. similar to deep heat.

otherwise its just normal, regular pain relief and alternative pain management...

also physio gave me insteps to put in my shoes - which i know that Boots also do, they were Godsend and worked within few days!

good luck, hugs



Hi Glynis,

I can't take ibuprofen, it does affect my asthma. If you've had it before then you may be ok but please take care. I was given it for a wrist tendon problem, years ago (with a warning to stop immediately and get help if it affected the asthma). I didn't need help but it was obvious that I couldn't tolerate it very early on. I stopped it as soon as I started to feel the wheeze coming on. In the end, the GP injected steroids into the wrist which sorted it out for me.

I hope it works for you!



defo cannot take oral form of brufen/ibuprofen, or any other route and with the gel can only use less than a pea-sized amount.

as TS say steroids maybe better option even though i know u just come off them at long last :( but that safer

x x x


Thank you every one! Got keep eye on pf aswell as how i feel and stop them if asthma gets got rest it up.


I've taken ibuprofen and also had diclofenac, another drug in the same class (NSAIDs) since my asthma diagnosis and been fine with them. My GP has since told me not to use any NSAIDs, despite me never having a reaction to them, as she's worried that I might develop a reaction and would rather err on the side of caution; my lungs have been so wonky over the past few months she doesn't want to do anything that might tip the balance really. Just wanted to reassure you really that not all asthmatics react and that if you've had them before since your asthma diagnosis chances are you'll be OK this time.


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