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cat update

Mason will be stopping with me I think now and going get stuff to help cut down allergens.

The RSPCA are coming take a pic of mason and get his details and staying with us and if anyone on the websight sees him and rings up they will then call me to see what we want do.

said could take weeks months ,years and never.

going push for allergy tests to make sure mason isnt the cause.

Dont think I could ever part with him,hes my baby so looks like hes staying with us unless

my asthma gets worse.

My main problem is I make lots of mucus 24/7 that wont stop and every swallow I take is swallowing think mucus and a realy hard and never free from it.

Doc has put me on antibiotics and carpocistine to help mucus so fingers crossed will feel better.

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i really hope you feel better and the drugs help. It'd break my heart to have to rehome one of ours. Take care, P x


I was offered a hamster today but saddly turned it down due to the sawdust and who can look after him if I was ill...


how you feeling today about your cat-any more settled knowing that the rspca will rehome to a decent home? its odd for me as ive got dogs and have no bother but other animals make me ill...chin up n hope you are feeling ok x


Hi glynis, I think you are making good choices with Mason because if you can make changes and still keep him it will be the best choice for both of you. But, if things get no better and a nice home does come up for him you will know you tried your best and had this extra time with him.

I have my fingers crossed that all of the changes you are trying will work!!



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