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just wondering !

As my asthma is not controlled and on a few meds and also been on steroids

for a very long time ,im not on any allergy tablets ,just wondering if my doctor should have

put me on them.?

Im having a allergy test done end of the month and taken 3-4 years to get one done.

that might seem strange but i was on steroids the first time I went see my con so couldnt do

me one,

Next time I saw the understudy and wouldnt do one as consultant had not rote in my notes to have one .

Then was under my asthma nurse at our docs for a while then my asthma got worse and im back

under a hospital consultant and hospital asthma nurse ,so now getting allergy test done end of the month.

So just wondered as had asthma 4 years or so should I have been put on one .

love glynis xxx

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if any thing shows up on your skin prick test they will put you on some and find some that dont react with your asthma meds


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