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newly diagnosed and no idea whats going on :) help please :)

Hello, after having a persistent cough for around 6 weeks with no obvious chest infection my doctor has diagnosed me with asthma. The only test he did was what i think is a peak flow?

He has packed me off with a brown and a blue inhaler which is fine, as the weeks go on i find i only really need to use my blue inhaler at work if i get stressed or if there are triggers (smoke and perfume?). Is this weird to suddenly have asthma, shouldn't my doctor be doing something to monitor it? I also feel like my steroid inhaler isn't lasting me through the day, its almost as if it starts to wear off in the afternoons and i end up having to use my blue inhaler?

Also, i hate to sound weird but i seem to hav developed itchy skin on my face since i have been taking my inhaler, you can't see and its not constant but it really itches!

Does any of this sound ok?? I'm 31 and asthma runs in my mums side of the family but i'm still finding this a little weird?

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Hi there!

First, don't worry that you've only recently been diagnosed at this age: late onset asthma is more common than you think. Also it tends to run in families, so again, don;t be too surprised or worried.

Have you been given your own peak flow meter? If so, you should use that to monitor your asthma. If not, ask for one! That way, you can be monitored without the doctor making too much effort him/herself!

Your steroid inhaler - is it called Becotide or similar?- can't ""wear off"" during the day, although it does take a couple of weeks regular use to come into effect, so persist. As for the itching, Pass! I would ask your doctor on that one, because it is possible to be allergic to Salbutamol (your blue inhaler), so they may change you, althouh I do not know what the symptoms of that allergy would be - a doctor would know.

Any other questions, please feel fre to ask, we are a friendly bunch, so don;t be scared!!

Emz x


Hi wheezy vicky,

I don't know if this helps or not really coz everyone is different but I get really itchy skin around my neck and face just before I'm going to have an attack and my chest has been tight. As for the broen one wearing off give your system chance to build up as it takes a few weeks for the steroids to kick in and start acting properly. If after a few weeks you still feel like its not lasting then go back to your doc coz you might need a different strength inhaler or an additional one

hope this helps



thanks for the advice it's nice to speak to people who know what i'm talking about, work and friends seem utterley astounded that you can get asthma at my age and seem to think it is something that will pass!!

I will try and get a peak flow meter and get my doctor to tell me what i should be monitoring, also, after reading this post, i am wondering if the itchy skin thing is a sign of an attack as i had itchy skin today and then quite a bad attack so i think that i will monitor that :)


Its certainly something to watch coz if it does happen each time before you have an attack then it can actually be quite helpful coz I know as soon as my neck starts itching I run straight for my ventolin and it stop you getting caught out.

Feel free to pm me


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I was diagnosed about 18 months ago, when I increasingly suspected it myself. I was over sixty years old. And I am not alone in that. Mind you, I suspect I have probably had it very mildly all my life, as I have always been someone who tends to cough. 


I'm in the process of being diagnosed, keeping a flow chart, have been on Ventolin for 2 weeks and was put on Clenil Modulite only on Thursday 06/05/16. I'm keeping a flow chart. I've had 3 colds almost in succession and after the third, have had a persistent cough for almost 12 weeks and the sensation that a coach party is sitting on my chest. tonight will be the 3rd night to take the Clenil Modulite and I have noticed a slight improvement in that I no longer sound like a sad set of bagpipes wheezing.


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