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Hiya everyone..x

I am just wandering some people have said that i might be intitled 2 more money from DLA for have Severe asthma as i am unable 2 work. I all ready get DLA but its lower rate 4 one and high rate for the other. Do u think its worth applying for them 2 look at my application again? is there anyone here that gets DLA? if you dont mind me asking what rate you r on lower or higher. I have a number of health problems including my asthma, epilepsy and other things. i get high rate for one and lower rate for the other. somone mentioned 2 me that might be entitled 2 both high rate? But am not sure. is there any other help i should be entitled 2 that am unaware of? as asthma very severe.

Be greatful for any feedback on this, thanks everyone:)

Katie xx

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I would say be thankful for what you are getting as reapplying for more may mean you get less.

I get middle care and higher mobility and i too was told i could get higher in both but i am not going to risk reapplying. Although like you i dont just get it for my chronic asthma but also for genetic condition and complex learning difficulties, ie i get lost everywhere and need someone with me or at end of telephone just incase i need to be found. Other week couldnt find exit of a shop.

Today i received my christmas bonus have you yet?

(please note for just asthmatics you cannot really get it unless you have other conditions as well)


hey plumie

Yeah thats what i was thinking as well, its a risk re applying as you might come out with less.

i just wish when i applied for it i should of put in about my learning difficulties as well as i have dyslexia, dyspraxia and my epilepsy has returned.

Think ill just leave it the now. need to re apply in 2011 anyway. no havent received xmas bonus yet have you? i cnt even remember how much i got last year for it.

hope your doing ok

Katie xx


''(please note for just asthmatics you cannot really get it unless you have other conditions as well)''

Plumie your totally wrong there, I get DLA for just my asthma and have done since I was 8 years old.

I also suffer with epilepsy although have not had a fit for nearly 2 years and before that 10 years, this isnt taken into account as it dosnt effect me much.

I think it is worth asking them to relook at your claim, I recently appealled a decision and won. Over the years I have gone from just receiving the care component, to just the mobiltiy, I recently reapplied and appealed the decision and have now receive both components.

Also if you have suffered with a certain condition for over 5 years they should be awarding you your DLA for an indefintie period. I appealed the length also and quoted this to them and have now been given it indefinetly. Methinks 24 years is long enough to prove that!

Go for it, if you think your conditions are affecting you more.



You can get DLA for only having asthma but obviously it has to have a significant impact on your normal daily life, I was awarded higher rate care and mobility 1st time around for 3 years and I had no other medical problems. Even though I had gathered 3 more significant problems that alone would have meant I should get DLA high rate care and mobility I still agonised over the forms especially as they have changed and are a nightmare. My higher rates are now indefinite so no more form filling.

Please be careful when applying do not base it on your worst day unless you are your worst over 50% of the time. I have now heard of 3 people who have the benefit fraud people paying a visit I can't imagine that can be much fun. Take a middle of the road approach. Also ask the CAB for help filling the form in if you struggle with forms or you just want some advice. Remember what you say about your condition will be checked with your medics/OT/physio etc The more evidence you can provide the better but don't forget to warn medical people you applying for it ask if it is OK for them to be contacted.

DLA is not means tested although and you can get it if you work and if you don't. Not being able to work does not mean it will automatically be awarded. Also it does make one jot of difference if you have attacks that land you in ITU but you are well in between it is how it impacts on your day to day life.

Good luck and don't forget to call CAB if you need help with the forms they are trained and help you fill in the form accurately and honestly.




I used to get DLA when I first had a respiratory arrest, I hadn't been diagnosed with brittle asthma at the time. I had it for around 2 years before they decided I didn't need it any longer. At the time I wasn't that concerned as I looked at it as my health improving. My asthma has deteriated considerably over the last 3 years, I have now had numerous itu admissions and countless regular admissions, I am now seen at Heartlands and it has a major impact on my life. I have had to be redeployed and can now only work part time. I have been applying for DLA since around May of this year, It has been refused and my appeals also turned down, I went to welfare rights who have helped me now take the case to a tribunal, they have been so helpful and have said they wouldnt put it forward to a tribunal hearing unless they thought there was a good chance of winning.

My answer to DLA is keep trying, you may get knocked back several times but stick with it and get help from cab or welfare rights.


Folks please be careful, i was told by CAB that you can only get it if you have multiple conditions that affect your daily life, i think this could be another post code lottery thing. Please write about your middle day not your worst day. In my case even on a good day i cannot walk to the bus stop without pain in my knee or hip let alone think of walking around a supermarket or town these are no go areas for me personally. On a bad day i cannot even get to the bathroom due to breathing. So with me it two different problems but both lead to mobility problems. I got £10 christmas bonus.



DLA is for anyone who is either has one or multiple disabilities, so on this occasion Plumie CAB has misinformed you, as when I applied and was awarded DLA it was applied for only on the grounds of Severe Asthma.


I certainly only had asthma when I got my first award, if only it were just only asthma now :(


Hi I also have recently been granted DLA just for asthma had to go to appeal x1 but when was re-looked at was granted it for 3 tears on the higher rate for mobility. it at least means that if my sickness levels go over the 6/12 mark in work and I end up on 1/2 pay i have some back up finace wise for my mortgage. I got welfare rights to fill form in for me.


Hi, I get DLA middle and high rate for ME and my kids get it for Autism, both get low rate mobility, one is middle care and the other is high care. This is what I have been told; you may be able to get middle care if you need someone with you part of the day or night to keep an eye on you (regardless of whether or not this actually happens), if you can't make a meal by yourself, to help with your meds. To get high rate dla, you must be unable to do most things by yourself,including personal care (toiletting, showering etc.). My mother in law was bedridden practically for 2 years, with various health problems, but because she could look after her personal care by herself (she only needed help to wash her hair) she only gets middle rate care. It doesn't matter whether you have 1 condition or a number, it's how severely disabled this makes you - how it impacts upon your life. You shold also look at the following benefits if relevant - tax crdeits - I don't know how old you are or if you have a partner or children, but any DLA may qualify you to more money on Tax credits. Also, Look at caraers allowance for anyone who helps to look after you. It's worth £53 a week and counts towards NI contributions. They have to look after you for 35 hours or more a week and not be receiving more than about £130 per month in other wages.

Hope this helps,



To clarify what Carrie says about a carer being able to receive £53 a week but not earn any more than £130 per month in wages, this would also include a carer in receipt of income support. So for example because my husband who is my carer and in receipt of carers allowance is also in receipt of income support he cannot earn additional monies. The way the DSS words things about this can be very confusing, so always check things yourself with a benefit advisor has each person's circumstances can vary.


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