feeling down

Not sure why am feeling very low and down at the moment - asthma is not great but nothing terrible only one trip to costa in the last month...but I just feel down. I am back to work part time from friday and am worried about that but at the moment feel a bit like life is passing me by and I don't know where I am going or what I am doing...hoping that this is a case of pred blues and that I can give myself a shake and sort myself out.

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  • Sorry you're feeling like this.

    From my own experience in the summer, when asthma is in that in between stage I found things worse than when I was very bad, I felt as if I should be able to get on and do everything as normal but I actually couldn't cope and was getting upset about not being able to do anything. Worry about getting back to work is probably affecting you more than you think, I know I'm worried about same things that happened last year happening again this year (asthma related and other things) and I think it's natural to feel like that when you've had a difficult time.

    Could you go and speak to your GP? Mine is great - if I feel like this I just make an appointment and go for a chat but this obviously depends on what yours is like. If I feel a bit overwhelmed I also feel writing everything down helps as I then tend to forget all the things that are worrying me. I have been known to write down a whole page of terribly self-pitying questions (why does such and such always happen? etc.) and then feel much better and just get on with things.

    You know where I am if you want to talk, even if you just want to offload on me by pm.

  • Hey lovely

    I just wanted to say that I too go through spells of feeling down. Its only to be expected, these lungs of ours put us through a lot! Its completely natural that you're worried about returning to work, I'm really pleased you're going back and fingers crossed that you stay well!

    Feel free to msg me anytime you want to chat/vent/rant/whatever!!

    Dawn xx

  • Honey, sorry that your feeling so down, but dont ever think you are alone in this, i think a lot of us are feeling like this lately. i am up and down like a yo yo lately, what with the way lungs are and my emotions, mind i been on pred for 3 month now just seem to get tapered down to 20mg then have set back and am straight back up to 40mg.

    Do you have a good gp who you can talk to, and tell him/her exactly how you are feeling, it may help.

    Hopefully it is just a case of the pred blues though and everything goes okay for you getting back to work on friday.

  • Hi Honey, Can't really add to what the others have said except I know how you feel. You're probably a bit nervous about going back to work but once you've got the first day over you will feel better. Hope it goes ok. xx

  • Thank you my lovelies...feels a bit better not feeling so alone! Don't know what came over me last night and this morning I think it was the gloom!

    Yes my GP is fab...have made an appointment to go and see him tommorrow, will off load and he will say just what you lot have said...its normal be kind to yourself.... You lot are really are fab!

    Have been to school today to sort out classroom...feel better for doing that as well...last year was horrendous at work nearly lost job so feeling anxious as you all said is okay! Thanks again.

  • Honey, just wanted to say I know that feeling, I get it too sometimes and I don't even have severe asthma. Completely agree with what everyone else has said, natural to be nervous about going back to work especially after bad experience before but hope it all works out fine.

    Hope your GP cheers you up, feel free to PM me to rant or whatever. Xx

  • Honey i so glad you feeling little better and managed to go into school to sort your classroom out, it must have been a stressfull time last year not knowing whether you would be in a job. It is nice to know there is some good employers out there, i was layed of from my care worker job 2 weeks ago because of my high sickness levels due to numerous hospital admissions over last 3 to 4 month.

    I hope all goes well with your gp tomorrow and you do some good ofloading and feel better afterwards, i went to see mine this morning and my 10 min appointment or whatever it supposed to be lasted 40 mins with her just listening to me waffling on about things. But i felt much better for it, dont know about her though lol, i think i did her head in.

  • Glad your feeling a bit better, it is natural to feel the way you do after such a bad time. Keep fighting as best you can and fingers crossed the next few months will be better for you x

  • Hey Honey, sorry you've been feeling down. Definitely not alone though - we're always here to support if you need a chat/rant/moan etc! Hope work goes well for you. PM any time you like. xx

  • Hi Honey

    Sorry you're feeling a bit down at the moment. Does it have anything to do with the weather? I'm always a bit off at this time of year as the days get shorter and gloomier. However, I've recently bought some Daylight light bulbs (Amazon) and they have really brightened things up as they give a much clearer light than your normal bulb, especially those horrible low energy things we've all got to use now. I don't usually replace anything before it has worn out completely, but I've ordered more bulbs and i'll be putting them in all of my light fittings just as soon as they arrive!

    Hope things pick up for you soon.


  • My GP is a star

    Went to see him today and he understood what I was saying and reacted sympathetically and even more exciting proactively...we have a battle plan to help me with working, asthma, and my gloominess (which he said is pred related! now theres a surprise) He is also helping me with DLA forms and generally said it is fine to feel like I do...it is strange as soon as someone gives you permission to feel a bit off I start to feel better...it started yesterday when I posted on here...and now I can see that I am probably shock horror quite normal to feel the way I do! Any way I wish there was an award for great GP's because I would certainly be nominating mine.

    I have also just looked for daylight bulbs as was wondering if lack of sunshine was an issue...good weather forecast for weekend...just in time to go back to work! Any way am doing part time to start with so hopefully will have some nice days at home where I can make the most of it.

    Thanks everybody for your time and answers it is so nice not to feel alone.

  • I think that I need to go back to playschool, I am sure 34 is far too young for year 1! First day nerves kicking in now...will let you know how it goes.

  • Your GP would have to fight against mine as she is also brilliant! Really glad he was helpful - you know you're a good teacher, have a great day on Monday and then really enjoy your two days off!

  • Glad your GP helped and you seem to be getting somewhere - also that you're feeling less down.

    I might nominate mine for this award, but going to see him tomorrow and worried if I do he'll be having an off day and I won't get anything useful out of him. I'll consider it if he comes up trumps ;)

  • My GP is great! He definitely gets nominated for this award - think there's going to be a 3-way fight now lol between Honey's, mine and Spookymilo's. Anyone else got nominees?

    Hope you're still feeling better Honey and not so down. xx

  • feeling a lot better today amazing what sunshine does...also had a good day at school thanks everyone.

  • Honey glad you had a good day at school and mood lifting.I start back Wednesday.Had hair cut and put my brown colour on and gone black.Children will think im a new staff member haha x

  • wednesday lucky you...kids back monday for me some schools had them in today! Hope kids recognise you...maybe you will need name sticker!

  • Hi all,

    I'm so glad you all have understanding Gps. Unfortunately mine can't wait to get rid of me as soon as I walk through the door. The only person I feel I can talk to is my nutritionist and I think even she's getting fed up of me! It upsets me when people think there's nothing wrong with you because it's not something you can see like a broken leg but it hurts even more!

    Hope you are all ok, sorry to go on:)

  • Helen, sorry to hear that - I have encountered that sort as well and they can make you feel even worse, as though you're somehow wasting their time and being a hypochondriac even though you know something is wrong.

    Is there another GP in the practice you could see? I think it's time you ditched the one you've been seeing if you can - s/he is clearly not much help! It took me a bit of trial and error to find mine.

  • first day back was okay...am off today as only working three days a week, but am shattered and lungs so not happy...am worried that this may all be too much,

  • Glad it went ok - wait and see how you get on as I feel similar - shattered and breathing getting a bit funny again already. Make the most of your days off and hopefully you will get back into the swing of things quickly.

  • Thank you...am feeling a bit better after minor splat yesterday but had good nights sleep. Back to work tommorow. How is year 2?

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