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A bit of a rant - sorry!

Hi all,

Been to see doc again this morning as I think I'm heading for a flare up again; not that it has still calmed down properly from last time! Peak flow is steady dropping, ventolin not as effective and sometimes symptoms are shifting a little after a double dose - 2 puffs and 2 again 10 mins later as no effect from the first. This has been happening for a week. Prior to this I was using the ventolin daily 2 - 3 times daily one of these so I can play my flute for a bit without coughing the others symptoms relief and was working well. Chest now constantly tight and gets tighter but doesn't shift, getting harder to breathe out again, cough is appearing again and breathlessness also. Great! Well no help with this today, told to see the nurse which can't get in to see till Wednesday. Hopefully will get on top of cramp again now as starting Qunine instead of my trusty old Crampex which isn't helping anymore!

I dream of the day I don't have to use my ventolin; I'm beginning to wonder if this day will come?????

Sorry for moaning its doing my head in as I now can't take to kids school without at least 4 puffs one way and four the other. School is a 10 minute walk up the road! And flat!!!!!!!!! Aside ventolin, seretide 250/25 and antihistamines not using anything else what is the next step? I know some of you are using a lot more than this. Just wondering what next - I was hoping to come away with some pred!

Sorry to moan Em x

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hi emlou.

sorry to hear doc didnt help you,

have you a asthma nurse ? as they seen to be a bit more

understanding xxx

my doc sending me back see my con.

my doc seemed to have taken over my asthma nurse while ive

had a big flair up and now he carnt give me anything else now and said can see asthma nurse now,

Hes put me on long term pred to see if that keeps me out

of hosp AnE XXXX

Fingers crossed you get some help soon xxxx


Hi Glynis,

I see one of the nurses at the surgery, she is very nice and when I first went swopped me straight onto seretide from a brown one. She listens well. I think I'll have to take some notes with me! So I don't forget anything. My last two visits to her she was wanting to reduce the seretide! Hopefully she won't; this is how my crash started last time and they did nothing for about 3 weeks and I ended up in hospital. I don't want that to happen again. I was hoping for some pred I finished the last lot about 3 weeks ago. I felt like superwoman on those! Oh well......

Hope it works out for you Glynis xxx


Sorry to see you're struggling emlou, if you feel you're geting worse don't leave it until Wednesday which is a long time away, go to A&E of upu really start to deteriorate between now and then, it's so hard trying to cope with a family and running a home and all to easy to fob off how unwell you really feel. Take care x


Oh I so wish this rain would go away!!! I think I'm at the half way house bit at the moment; not quite A&E but need to get to the docs. I have got a spare box of pred, I'm contemplating starting those. Problem is I still have no action plan and I believe I still haven't hit my optimal peak flow as yet. GP reckons 550. Best so far 480 and still symptomatic! Currently hitting between 400 and 420. Hence still no action plan in place I so hope to get on sorted soon! When I took the last lot I felt so well and my peak flow came up brill a couple of days after it stopped it starts dropping again! I really don't want it to get any lower than this. I wish Wednesday would hurry up! I just want to get sorted GP doesn't help with the asthma now I have to see the nurse!!!!


The asthma nurse at our practice says my peak flow should be about 620 by best ever is 545 but very rarely get above 450. Went to see her last week as nothing seems to be improving and asked about a course of steroids. She woulnt give me them cos she says this isn't a flare up but is because the consultant etc still haven't got my asthma under control. (only diagnosed last October after a week in hospital)

As my next appointment with consultant is 5 weeks away she phoned the hospital and they changed my inhalers. Been on new ones nearly a week but still no real improvement.beginning to wonder if this is as good as it gets for me!


jpl I'm beginning to wonder the same too, with the; is it as good as it gets! Just really down I think at the moment. Finished work - contract expired; a job I loved and now currently can't manage. I'm wondering if I'll be ever able to do it again! Maybe I'm comparing myself too much to myself as a teen! I've been symptom free to 10 years and no meds! As a teen I rarely had flare ups and hardly used inhalers except for the daily ones. Then again I would like to do everyday stuff and not get worn out like cleaning the house and being in bed at 9PM as I'm so tired!


Thanks emlou beginning to think it just me


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