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Cramp almost beaten!

I know the topic of cramp has come up frequently. At the moment which is really helping me is staying off caffine! Bizarre never come across this one before, locum GP suggested this one. Still get cramp off and on but not anywhere near as bad as before. I've not been having caffine for about three months now and get cramp on occassions. Just in my feet, legs and fingers (as I always have) now and not too troublesome. Much better than regularly throughout the day in every place imaginable! :D

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Interesting, Another randomer about caffeine is it increases mucus production & viscosity which I was told by ENT consultant after sinus... surgery in particular reference then to post-nasal drip


Interesting! I wonder how they get these little nuggets? Sounds to me that caffine probably has a lot answer for.


im constantly having caffine never thought of that before will try to reduce see if it helps - thanks


Its really helped me. I got told to completely knock out caffine. Doc reckoned I was a bit addicted. Definately true I think as I'd go through 15+ cups of tea a day! Must admit the caffine free stuff did take some getting used to!


Might not help everyone but I've had severe cramp since being diagnosed with addisons. Struggled to cope on hydrocortisone tablets, tried pred instead because it's a longer acting steroid but still no joy. Have been trying a small dose of dexametasone with hydrocortisone & it seems to be working! Thought it was worth sharing as my asthma cons hadn't thought of prescribing like this. Also there is now a long acting version of hydrocortisone available (can only be prescribed by endocrinologists at moment). Might be worth knowing if pred is no good for you or can't take it because of it's make up. Know that the lovely red colouring in pred can trigger asthma attacks.

Hope anyone suffering with cramp gets it's resolved. Was by far the worst side effect I've had as interferes with so much.

Take care



:) I take decaf tea and decaf coffee. Really bad cramps on seretide few months back. Asthma nurse changed me to LABA with Symbicort. Still cramping. :(

To which, Asthma nurse suggested ventolin and volumatic spacer for reliever instead of the symbicort which I had been taking at rate of about 8 puffs a day plus preventer puffs. Noticed the difference within days.


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