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Hello - newbie

Hello everyone,

I've being following the forum for several weeks now and thought it was about time I introduced myself. I have recently started using inhalers again after not using them for many years after a nasty chest infection. Quite an eventful start to the new year as I ended up in hospital for 3 days which is a first for me. Thankfully much better now. I have been on sick leave from work for 2 months and I am hoping to return shortly on a phased return. Very worried about it as still struggling a home sometimes!

Anyway enough about me; I just wanted to say I have found the forum very useful and it is comforting to find others that understand what asthma is like. I hope I can make some new friends as I only have a niece who has asthma and it would be good to share experiences with others.

Thanks for taking the time to read


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I am new too, and waiting for confirmation whether a bad chest infection has brought on asthma or not. I also have to say this site seems really supportive and there seems to be a lot of good information and advice on here which is so helpful.

I have been off of work for 5 weeks now, and have been signed of for another 3 weeks as I need to sort out my chest pain, and breathing.

Good luck with getting back to work Emma, let me know how you get on with that.



Hello! Welcome to the forum!

Hope the return to work goes really well.


welcome emlou. Hope you feel better soon.When you return to work would be a good idea to write up a action plan what your boss etc do if have attack at work like I have done. It stops them from panicing if you should ever need a 999 call for ambo for you. Good luck with return to work.xxx


Thanks for the warm welcome :D I will let you know how I get on.

I have a meeting shortly with my boss one of the HR things with me being off for so long. Going for a review with Doc early next week to start planning. lol it feels like a precision military operation haha!

Glynis - I like your idea of an action plan - what should be incuded etc? This flare up I'm currently experiencing is nothing like I had before as a teen so I'm still getting used to it myself really. Any hints and tips with an action plan would be good. Thanks :D


hi. When you feel your asthma is bad at work alert a friend and use your inhaler and if no better after 4 puffs alert the staff or office you might need ambo. you can ask a work mate by you 'say get help'then if still breath less they are ready to do 999. That works for me but you need to do one that is best for you and office etc. My office is close by and yours might not be xxx


Thanks Glynis I'll see what we can come up with. I work an hour away from home and not completely office based as I do wizz around here there and everywhere! Bonus I suppose is I do some work in hospitals! :D


hi just to say that is my works action plan. You also can get a asthma action plan but thats usualy done with your doctor or asthma nurse on what to increase when asthmas bad. You can order a Auk one to take with you for them to fill in.Love Glynis x


I have an action plan but currently remains blank! My GP won't fill it in yet as she wants to see my peak flow on average higher than what it is. The practice nurse is more concerned at the moment about reducing the inhalers! But says my peak flow diary is classic of asthma and looks just like what is shown in lectures. I think I would feel more comfortable when it actually gets completed so I know properly what to look for! Oh the joys!


Won't be doing a phased return after all! They are terminating my contract at the end of the month. So they are insisting I take my last few weeks as my annual leave. The joys of temporary contracts!


Can they do that as coverd by DDA. I Would ring CAB to see if they can as asthma can fluctuate and tempory or perminant contracts you still have rights as the goverment are trying get people back to work who have problems and give them support ! Go out fighting xxx


Originally my contract supposed to have ended December 2010 anyway; my boss asked me to keep sending in sick notes so I did! And informed GP had agreed to a phased return from next week. Call from them today to say they'd extend my contract until the end of the month! I have been off a long time so maybe they thought they were being nice extending my contract even though I have been unfit for work?!

I'll look into it but I don't think it will get me far.....


Emlou - I am sorry to hear about your contract being terminated. Employment world has really toughened up since my professional working days. My sister has cancer and she was only given 3 months sick leave and her company said if she didnt return her contract would be cancelled! It's really tough. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon.


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