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Peak flow dropping with the rain?!


I've been taking my peak flow morning and night for a couple of months and when there is about the be a change in weather my peak flow starts to drop. It is always higher at night than in the morning. When the weather is about to change the figures are similar and then they drop and drop again. This is more so evident when it rains. Why is this? It also brings with it a few symptoms but nothing major which don't shift with the ventolin?

Thanks Emma

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Hi Emma

Weather can have a huge impact on asthma symptoms, when it turns damp or cold I suffer greatly, like for me it strarted again last night so to try and stop it getting worse I up my meds and keep myelf indoors in the same temp till I ride out the worst of it, I can be in a room with no windows or way of telling the weather and still know what its doing from the way my chest feels!



My asthma is always worse in damp weather.


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