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Review coming up


I've got a review coming up again with the nurse, last time I saw her she was on about reducing my meds. A bit worried about this as I'm still not fully functional to where I was prior to being ill. Peak flow is coming up nicely but we don't know what it should be when I'm well. I'm taking my ventolin daily usually 3 times a day - 2 of these I take as I still feel twitchy the third is before I play my flute. I cannot play now without taking it as I just cough and cough and cough! :( I'm feeling quite frustrated with this. Because my peak flow looks pretty good the nurse doesn't seem overly concerned. Prior to being ill I could play my flute 3 hours solid with no issues now I'm lucky if I can do half an hour. I have said this to her but get no reply. Will I ever get back to this level of playing? I was planning on taking my diploma this year with it. I can't now I can't play long enough to do the recital.

Sorry to moan, I miss my flute playing terribly :(

Emma x

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Hi emlou,

Just tell her how you have been doing and im sure she will keep you on inhaler for a while and review

you again in few weeks.

good luck and hope all goes well.

Flute sounds really nice so hope you get to full health playing it.

love Glynis xxxx


Hi, I had a similar issue with my asthma nurse. My symptoms all settled down with seretide and singulair all the time EXCEPT when I exercised I still had trouble, she just kind of ignored me and suggested I try reducing the seretide now I was under control. I did try reducing it but my symptoms returned and of course I was still struggling with exercise.

I've been having more trouble now since xmas and exercise is all but impossible, going up the stairs is a workout enough!! I am desparate to loose weight but I just cant run anymore, its soo annoying, so I know where you're coming from, not being able to do the things you want and the nurse not listening.

Just keep repeating yourself and make her listen!!!


Thanks, I'll just have to keep repeating myself I suppose! I think I'm just getting really frustrated now as it seems to be taking so long in getting better. And then you start wondering if you've come as far as you can. I still find driving difficult if I drive a bit of a distance and when out and about I end up in bed really early. Hoovering well forget it I tried again today after getting hubby to do it for last 2 months and still can't - eyes stream and go gritty, nose ends up like a tap and get really itchy on exposed skin...........then again getting out of that isn't a bad thing............


re review

Dont be anxious about your review. We all have them.

Sometimes a nurse doesnt listen to the patient.

Ensure she understans how you feel, dont be browbeaten by a person who doesnt have asthma. Its clear to see you are not in peak condition ifyou cant play your flute. Maybe you could practise for 15 min before your peak flow reading, it wont show improvement then!

Hope you can return to full health in the future.

Remember, no one knows how you feel unless you tell them.

Good luck


I feel your pain totally. I have the same issue with playing my bagpipes. I haven't been able to play my practice chanter very long without coughing like mad, never mind playing my actual bagpipes. At my last review my nurse said to me ""you should be playing your pipes"". I know i should but its hard when you can't stop coughing. She didn't seem to be concerned that the coughing was stopping me from doing that. Sometimes they don't seem to have a clue what they are talking about. I hope you manage to get it sorted and get back to playing you flute and good luck with the diploma when you take it :)




Had a really good review and at the moment I am very happy! Only changes are that in addition now got some citrizine and nasonex spray. Blimey what a difference this has made! My symptoms are now currently minimal. A pain in my lung has re-appeared which isn't shifting with pain killers will have to see how it goes. Hmmmmmm sort one thing and something else crops up! I had this after my last chest infection over new year and now its re-appeared nurse didn't seem too concerned though?! Bonus is just being offered a permanent job too - and its my beloved hospital social work I'm over the moon. Things are finally looking up! :D xxx


That's great news emlou - am really pleased for you. Hope u get back to playing flute again. xx


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