Hey! Welcome to the boards.

Just to let you know that you've opted not the receive PMs, so I can't reply to the message you've sent me.

If you wish to receive PMs, you'll need to edit the relavant setting in your ""Profile"" settings.

Alternatively, why not start a thread here and tell us about yourself?

Hope you find the boards useful,



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  • hi, i would have replyed too u but couldn't. Welcomes to the bords. There is also the Kick asthma bord which is more for people you/our ages.

    we is very friendly so plz come and talk 2 us

    Hope u ok


  • Likewise, I can't respond to the PM I received - so I'll answer it here!

    I lead the Southampton/Fareham holiday in the 12-16 year old age group - although it won't be Fareham next year because the venue's not available!!

  • Hey yea join us on KA, we are nice people really (though everso slightly mad)

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