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Moderator Message - Research/Questionnaire Postings

Hello Forum Users,

In the past few weeks, these message boards have had rather a number of new members posting questionnaires or asking for participants for research.

It is clearly stated in the message board terms and conditions - which all users have to agree to upon signing up to the fora - that all research requests MUST be passed by Asthma UK for permission prior to being posted on these boards.

I would be very grateful if all posters could be mindful of this prior to posting such requests on the boards.

Many thanks.



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Gentle reminder

Bump up

Hope you don't mind Cathbear?


Not at all - these threads are made for bumping (to parody Nancy Sinatra).


Thanks Cathbear

Heehee, ♪♫♪These boots are made for walking♪♫♪ ;)

If I remember correctly also covered by Jessica Simpson and Geri Halliwell amongst others and not particularly well


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