Nepotistic Request from A Moderator

Hello...don't worry, this is not a ""heavy doom and gloom"" posting. No changes to the T&Cs, no lurking trolls, nothing of that nature!

I wouldn't usually do something like this, but, ah, hell, it's for a good cause. I am heading up a team of 11 assorted motley characters who are ""running"" (in the loosest sense of the word, in some cases *ahem*) the Asthma UK 10Km on April 7th at Dorney Lake, Windsor. Five of the team members, myself included, have asthma (one severe/chronic/brittle), and the majority of the rest volunteer with AUK as well. It's an immense personal challenge for me, as well as being a great fundraising challenge for something that is, as many of you will know, very close to my heart.

We have a fundraising target of a minimum of £1,100 for the team, and I'd be extremely grovellingly beggingly grateful if anyone on here could spare just a few pennies to go towards our total, no matter how few - every little counts. I will be forever in your debt, kiss your feet, provide free foot massages...ooops, I think I may be laying it on a bit thick there...

Also, if anyone's in the general area of Windsor or thereabouts, and wants to come and see us all look silly (me in particular), then please do so! Details of the run can be found elsewhere on the main site.

We have an online sponsor page at - scoot along and have a peek, even if it's only to laugh at my photo :D

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramble.

Regards to all,

CathBear (Moderator's hat at a rakish angle)

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  • all the best with your fundraiser

  • have just donated for you cathy, all the best do us proud.

    ps which one is you on pic?

    andrea xx

  • Good point, Andrea - there are two Cathys! CathBear is otherwise known as Cathy F.

  • Bang goes my attempt at anonymity by confusion...pah. Thanks, Steve :P

  • Well, I'm the only ""Steve"" on the picture, so I don't see why you should be the only one to get the benefit of anonymity...!

    There are three other AUK message board members in the team too, but can you work out who they are...?

    (Probably not, I reckon!)

  • Woman's perogative!

  • I reckon mine might be a bit of a clue from the username.

    I think I look a bit grumpy in that photo - but looked quite happy whilst touching Steve's cheek in the previous photo. I'm not sure what that says or if I need to do some internal reflection (what a great album title that'd be!).

    Also, is it a woman's prerogative to spell prerogative wrong? ;)

  • Unfortunately, Ross, I seem to only have two or three photos of you in my entire collection of a few needs must etc. Of course, if you'd be willing to pose for a slightly better photo with your good lady wife I'd be more than happy to update the website!

  • I don't show up on film which used to be half the problem. However, with the onset of the digital age that problem has now been removed - hence why you are now starting to see photographs of me.

  • So this is the secret you have been keeping from me all these years - you're actually a vampire?

    I may have to report this to Mr Ladbury.

  • Vampire? Typical! Just jump to a conclusion with no basis for genuine fact.

    The Buffy generation has a lot to answer for...

  • I only ever watched Buffy because I was subjected to it by my uni housemate. It was not an informed choice.

    Anyway - what other explainations can you give for ""not appearing on film""? i'm afraid your excuse doesn't really pass muster in light of the fact that I have owned a digital camera for about 7 years now, and only in the past couple of months have I obtained the rare photos.

  • Clearly you just didn't try to take photos of me before then.

    Also, on the last Taunton holiday I took quite a few of the photos on your camera and therefore couldn't appear in them.

    Oh - I'm going running tonight. Albeit around a 6-a-side footy pitch but it's still running!

  • Hmmm. Not sure that counts as ""training"" in the grand scheme of things - you've been running around a 6-a-side pitch once a week since I've known you.

    I think you may need a little extra....

  • I refer the honourable lady to the description of training provided in another forum, by her good self:

    ""the act or process of being prepared for something, of being taught or learning a particular skill and practising it until the required standard is reached""

    Therefore, training for running would be practising the skill of running until the required standard is reached. I don't know about you but when I play football it involves a lot of running.

  • And may I refer the honorable gentleman to various sections in that aforementioned description:

    ""prepared for something"", ""a particular skill and practising it until the required standard is reached""

    Football = running in short, sharp bursts during a confined time period, with a set defined break. 10km - constant running over a sustained time period, with no breaks.

    I would argue the the particular skill of 10km running is so significantly different from the running involved in football, as to be considered an entirely different ""particular skill"".


  • And may I refer the honorable gentleman to various sections in that aforementioned description:

    ""prepared for something"", ""a particular skill and practising it until the required standard is reached""

    Football = running in short, sharp bursts during a confined time period, with a set defined break. 10km - constant running over a sustained time period, with no breaks.

    I would argue the the particular skill of 10km running is so significantly different from the running involved in football, as to be considered an entirely different ""particular skill"".


  • There is no set break in the football we play so if I continue running (even at various speeds) for the entire hour then this should be considered as an equivalent skill. You've seen me play - do I ever stop during a match?

  • Sean and his sister Ami both decided last night they wanted to do the junior 2k at dorney lake! I've not decided if Sean should run it yet but if he gets his own way we will see you there :-)

  • Julie - it'll be good to see him if he does. As you know, being around the Kick Asthma Holiday volunteers instantly cures him of all health concerns so he should be fine :)

  • I second that!! ;)

  • Now theres a thought.... as he does seem to make miraculous recovery with you guys I could just send him to live with you all year round :-)

  • and ill have him back for a week in August haha

  •, you know we *do* like Sean, but, um, erm....


  • Yes, we could each take a month of the year for him to come and stay. You'd never have to see him then. Unless it's the collective powers of the volunteers that makes him stay healthy?

  • uummm I can go with the Vampire bit but collective powers?????????

    Beginning to wonder what sort of camp I send him to ;)

  • Collective healing powers Julie. Healing powers.

  • 8-O

    erm....hasty disclaimer....the opinions expressed here are those of the posters and not those of AUK...etc etc.. :D

    btw, for those reading this thread who don't know him, Ross is v much TIC with his comments ;)

  • ....but yes, anyway, it seems the volunteers' collective healing powers excert a similar effect on Sean to that of my waiting room on a lot of patients....they seem to get a lot better for just being here...hehe.

  • Anyway, getting away from the main point....Julie has provided us with a good testimony that we have magical powers....erm, I mean, that we do a good job on the holidays - please do see if you can spare a few pennies to let us carry on providing this service, and the many others that AUK aim to provide. Ta :)

  • bump

  • :-)

  • Bet you can't guess who I am!

  • good luck

  • Shameless bump :D

  • encore du bump :)

  • Update - 11.03.07

    Just a bit of an update on the fundraising effort.

    We've broken the £1,000 barrier which I am really, really pleased about. After discussion with team members, we've raised our game - our new target is £1,500. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us to achieve this - your support really means a lot to all of us.

    Less than 4 weeks to go! So much to do, so little time......;)

  • Woo Hooo!

    Well Done!

    Glad you have broken the Grand barrier!

    keep up the training & good Luck to the rest of the gang esp Sarah I !!!

    Take care



  • I'll pass on your wishes to Sarah, Kate! Thanks.

  • I think this deserves another bump :-)

    Just incase people missed it!

  • right have done my bit so at least it gives me a valid reason to bump back to the top.LOL

  • bumpity bump

  • :-)

  • Thanks folks, just the mere act of bumping this means a lot to me :)

  • tried to do my bit for both you and Sean but Barclaycard Merchant bank seems to be having a very long mare but thought I'd bump this up for you.

  • Justgiving has been having a mare over the past 24 hours - seems to be working OK now, though, as I've just managed to donate to Sean & Ami's page :)

  • you beat me to it cath was just going to say the same

  • well fairs fair so as bumped seans thread for donations will do the same here


    tiddly bump

    tiddley bump

  • CathBear... The new Miss Penelope Pitstop

    Hi CathBear, am sending some pennies but am also crafting a unique outfit to ensure that any of us in the Windsor area can easily spot you (as there may be more than one person sitting down having a rest and a drink) Boom, boom only kidding. Have you given any thought to your attire? Anneka Rice jumpsuit? Teddybear costume, hmmm back to the drawing board.

    Go CathBear! Well done, we are behind you on this all the way! Hope you hit your target, love Lois

  • Ha ha! I almost feel obliged to wear a pink jumpsuit now!!

    We have ordered special team t-shirts which should be currently winging their way to me (from Germany, no less, yes, mmmmm!). They are white, with green printing - the runners will have ""The Kick-A Team"" emblazoned, along with their names, on the back of the t-shirt.

    I *do* have a *very* pink training top tho....

    Thank you all for your sponsorship and encouraging supportive comments - it probably sounds over-effusive, but it really does help to enforce the reason why I'm doing it - and with such a strong support team, I can't go wrong!

  • By the way - if anyone's knocking around in the Windsor area on Easter Saturday, come and laugh at us, by all means!!

  • love to come and have a laugh but lungs not up to it!! best of luck to you all and stay well.


  • bump

  • :-) and up we go again

  • The team are on the verge of breaking their £1,500 target, so I think a new one will have to be set soon.

    Huge thanks to those who have sponsored them!

  • I wondered what you all meant when you were talking about 'bump', it seems my doziness aound computers and sites knows no bounds. Oh well....


  • Fundraising update

    Further to Steve's message - today we have smashed through the £1,500 barrier.

    Our new target is £2,000.

    This is beyond my wildest dreams - I would be off this planet if we actually achieved it.

    So many thanks to those who have already given; to those reading this for the first time, please help me bounce over the moon :-D



  • careful cathbear you might meet a cow while you jumping over moon. lol

  • wow thats really gd


  • bump :-)

  • Thanks Julie.

    Just two-and-a-half weeks to go. Starting to get a little nervy, but really looking forwards to the weekend and seeing all the Fareham Kick-A volunteers again.

    Stupidly I tried to go on a run last night - red mist of training psychosis came over me - needless to say I cut it short fairly quickly. Can't believe I was so daft....see, even being a sensible doctory-type does not protect from random loss of sense....

    Here's hoping our cross-trainer arrives soon, as I can't be doing with this cold weather interrupting my training at this vital stage!!

    Thanks for all your support so far, just a quick reminder - - cos I have taken to splashing this everywhere at the moment....


  • You keep splashing :-) I have lost any sense of embaressment about asking for donations. I even emailed his prof and medical team at Rbh who all were very generous. You have raised a fantastic amount, Ami and Sean are going to raise target again to £1,000 !! Sean is hoping to catch up with you guys, have tried to point out to him there is a team of you and only two of them fundraising lol.

    Omg I cant beleive you went training in this weather??? I was going to say Are yyou mad????? But then we already know the answer :-) :-)

  • Mad - well, yes, that is taken as granted. Rampantly stupid as well, on the basis of last night. Jaysus, I actually can't believe my *own* stupidity!!

    I think I am running out of people to ask for sponsorship - going to harrass my work colleagues next week, and I think I might ask if I can stand up in front of my VTS tomorrow (all-day start-of-term session) and blag some off them as well. I hate standing up in front of people, but at least I know most of that lot. Apart from that I can't think of anyone else....any suggestions gratefully received. I dispatched a sponsor form with my Dad this weekend too, but he's fairly new to his job so I can't expect a lot from that.

    Chasing that £2,000....and hoping to raise the bar a bit higher over the next 14 days :-)

  • Every time I go for a run it seems to encourage bad weather.

    Sunday - suddenly a blizzard appears as soon as I go out.

    Monday - think about going out - huge hail stones appear, decide to stay in.

    Tuesday - expect plague of locusts to appear but just freezing cold instead.

  • So it was *your* fault, Ross!

  • That would at least explain why it appears to be raining frogs at the moment.

    (On checking, it appears to just be water.)

  • Perhaps the frogs got lost in the rain.

  • Cathbear

    Staff that are running the marathon are featured on our hospital intranet perhaps members of your group could do similar in their places of work to advertise and up your income.

  • Thanks Cathy. I'll take my sponsorship form to work next week - we are a very small practice so spreading the word should be easy!

  • You could threaten not to treat the patients until they sponsor you. I'm not sure how ethical the rest of the medical profession would deem it though :)

  • Go Cathbear! Hope you reach your target, is the weather still affecting training preparations? Hope the weather warms up soon, and that you get lots more sponsors. Take good care, Lois

  • *hauls in trampoline*


    Sponsorship stall at present...hoping will upturn shortly!

    Thanks for all the support so far, guys and gals, very much appreciated.



  • How about posters in all local shop windows with link to justgiving, maybe sponser forms left in newsagents,post office etc ..........

    or you could make a sandwich board thingy and nominate one of you to walk up and down high street lol :-)

  • Rebounded back off the trampoline again! Boing!!!!

  • CathBear hope your training is resumed now that the weather is a little warmer. Please don't try running if its still wet or windy, hope your total is moving again, am sending pennies wish i could come and watch but husband and daughter at footie on that day and won't let me go on own. Will be rooting for you and the team though, hope the t-shirts arrive in time. GO CATHBEAR AND THE AUK TEAM!!!

  • Impressively, the T-shirts arrived last Tuesday. They look fantastic; I'll make sure I get a photo of the team, post it online and link to it here.

  • Thank you Peaksteve, will you be running too?

  • Steve is providing ""Race Support"" services - holding drinks bottles, volumatics etc!! :)

  • only 10 days to go :-)

  • EEK!!!

    It's creeping up very quickly!

  • Ha! Like you've got anything to worry about, titch!! You'll leave the rest of us for dust!

  • Leave us for dust? She'll most likely lap me.

  • Bump ;)

  • Lap you?!!! Don't think so! Lol! Training really not going as well as it ought to.

  • Race number and timing thingy widget arrived just a week until the run!

    Thanks goodness for a long bank hol weekend to recover!!

  • Thank God I've got 2 weeks off after the 'run'!

    Got my number and chip the other day too.

  • sending speedy positive vibes to you all.

  • and another bump... only a few days now :-)

  • Well, less than a week to go now and the team is nearly up to the £2,000 mark :)

    If anyone else is feeling generous, any amount - no matter how small - would help in breaking this barrier and raising a fantastic amount for Asthma UK.

    You know it's all for a good cause... ;)

  • BOING!

    Have you hit the 2,000 mark yet? Maybe we could all dig down deep in the depths of our sofas to push the total up.


  • Thanks Lois :-) No, we're teetering at the £1,800 mark at the moment... few more days to go...may make it with a following wind!

  • boing!!!

    Boingggg Boingggg going up just donated wishing u all the best guys n girls.....will be rooting for ya all the way to the finish line

  • Keep going cathy. Great effort. Good luck to you all. xx

  • Thanks guys! 'Tis grand to have such wonderful support and encouragment.

  • Its the final countdown... just to say hope you all have good sleeps tonight and to remind you and the AUK team that we are all behind you 100%. GO CATHBEAR AND THE AUK TEAM!

    Take really good care and hope your all not too wheezy during or after it, love Loisxxx

  • WOOO... are you getting pics and posting them online somewhere????

    ND GO TEAM!!!!

  • Just wanted to say Well done to you all ! It was a fantastic effort from you guys and you did yourselves proud. I'm sure there will be some aching legs and lungs amongst you but what a fantastic acheivement!

    Marc has some great pics of you all in action i'll get them emailed to you

    Was great to see you all

    Julie x

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