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A Boy Called Alex (Channel 4, Thursday)

Heard this advertised on the radio this morning - it's about a boy with CF. Here's the programme précis:

""The flagship documentary series returns with Emmy Award-winning director Stephen Walker's film on remarkable musical prodigy Alex Stobbs. Despite suffering with a strong form of cystic fibrosis, which is slowly destroying his digestive system and lungs, Alex has shown an outstanding gift for music. The film follows Alex as he sets out to achieve his goal of conducting a performance of Bach's Magnificat in Eton's 15th-century chapel, before an audience of hundreds.""

Channel 4, Thursday 24th January, 9pm.

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thanks for flagging this up CathBear. I remember my friend (who has connections at King's, where he was a chorister) telling me about this amazing little boy with CF who was such a fantastic musician and great person. Seems only yesterday but as he appears to be 17 now time must have just gone somewhere.....

anyway I should think it will be well worth watching, both for the story, hearing what he has to say, and probably some great music along the way. He is of course lucky that he is able to go to Eton, where they have excellent 24 hour medical care that can cope with his frequent exacerbations, overnight feeds, medication physio etc.



Did anyone watch it? I was very moved by it, especially his determination not to let CF beat him even after being so ill.

I thought it was fab.


Excellent programme!

Fantastic and determined kid!


I thought that kid was amazing!


I had been looking forward to watching this all week and it didn't disappoint. What a fantastic young man Alex is, so positive and unfazed by his condition which is so so serious. I hope that he is able to have a lung transplant because his determination to succeed as a musician, composer or whatever is phenomenal and this world will be a worse place without him.

He is an inspiration for sure and did a fantastic job conducting the Bach piece.



I sat and watched it whilst in my hospital bed (went in in tuesday) after seeing what alex went through and goes through everyday of his life I just felt like I was the fittest woman ever Alex and his family should be so proud for not letting cf rule his life well done channel 4 for bringing this to our attention Excellent composaition aswell


Wow this boy was amazing!!! I just admire anyone who is musical an he was excetional!!


re play on today at 10.35 pm on more 4

hi just to let you know this is on today at 10.35 on more4.


I loved it too. hehe so much that I watched the repeat! :)


I have to say I was really moved by the programme and also watched it twice! I went round telling everyone on my course (I'm a med student) to watch the repeat on Wednesday, as I just thought he was not only musically amazingly, but the way he dealt with his condition was an inspiration to anyone suffering from any disease. I was so pleased to see he had reached his ambition of getting into Cambridge and the Royal College of Music.


This is my first post as a newbie today and I just had to comment on this thread.

I was so moved by Alex, I think I cried most of the way through the programme and I also watched it twice. He is so talented and so brave, a real inspiration to those around him. I hope he gets to have his lung transplant and goes on to have a happy and successful life, he certainly deserves it, although at the end of the programme he still wasn't certain he would accept the transplant because there are very serious risks and he may not survive, I wish him the very best.


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