Message from the Mods Re: Contact Details

Helloooooo! Your friendly neighbourhood mods here...

Firstly I would like to say thanks to you all for respecting the T&Cs and not posting your contact details on the boards. I think the PM system has been a great introduction in allowing people to exchange details and build up strong friendships away from the boards which would otherwise perhaps not been possible.

However, I would like to ask just one thing more of you. Please, please remember that if anyone gives you their email, MSN or mobile number (or, for that matter, their home phone number, works number etc) that they have given YOU this piece of information and you only. It is only right and proper that you should ask the original person's permission to pass on their details if asked. People very much differ in their privacy wishes and, whilst some people are very happy to have their details given out to anyone who might want them, others are more reserved and prefer for such information to be kept private unless they sanction it.

Please remember this when you are given any contact details for anyone.

Thank You :-)



PS please bump as appropriate for a few days - thanks, I know I can rely on you guys :-)

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