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I'm Running the London Marathon for Kick Asthma!

Hello everyone,

Long time no speak....but as a moderator, that's a good thing, not a bad one!

In 11 days, I'll once again be taking to the streets of London to run the marathon for Asthma UK. This will be my third marathon.

This year, all money that I raise will go directly to the Kick Asthma Holidays. Some of you will know that funding for these is tight at the moment, so I'm trying to raise as much money as possible to bolster things up.

If anyone would like to donate, I have a fundraising page via Virgin Money Giving (they are not-for-profit, so AUK gets more money than via other internet charity fundraising pages). Every penny counts! You can find it at


Many thanks in advance.



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Good luck with all the hard trainning this year ,love glynis xxx


Good luck with the marathon, was just thinking where are the moderators? Do you mind if it's shared on facebook? Could help awareness and fundraising


It is on FB TJ under the Kick Asthma Holiday Fund group page thingamijiggedywhatsit!


Heheh. We're still here TJ, never fear. I don't mind it being shared of FB - the more the merrier!


Wow. Good luck! I have a kind of incredulous respect for marathon runners, like I have for my grandfather (exercise-induced asthmatic, loved climbing mountains which I think was impressive but also a little insane ;)). I have to admit that even minus the breathing problems I never got to grips with running (unless I'm late...).

I take it you will be running in sensible runner's gear and not, say, dressed as a giant inhaler? ;)


Just wanted to say good luck!


Thank you!

There was an opportunity to run as ""Puff"" - the AUK dragon - huge lime green dragon costume thing. I gracefully passed up this opportunity....running and breathing requires enough concentration! :-D


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