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Dear all,

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I have been asked to post to let you all know.

Last night we received the news that Rusty, a supportive member of these message boards for a number of years, has passed away, apparently from a heart attack at home.

I know this news will come as a terrible shock to many.

Rest In Peace, Rusty.



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thanks cathbear was really saddened to hear that. Thinking of everyone who knew rusty personally. i had only had communicated via this website with rusty but im sure rusty's presence on the boards will be greatly missed and was a great friend to many! Rest in peace rusty. Xx


Thank you for letting us all know. I knew Rusty. My thoughts are with her family.



Oh my word! I'm so shocked ... and upset. I got to know Rusty through these boards originally, but in recent times had also got to know her through both of our blogs and through some private email correspondence with her. I'm so, so sorry. Cath, if you have any contact with her family can you pass on my condolences?

This is so sad.


I am so sorry to hear the sad news.

We will miss her - she has been a great help to many of us.



Thank you, Cathy

Thankyou for posting this, Cathy.

For those of us who knew Rusty personally, many people have been leaving messages on her FB wall today.

As of yet this sad news has not been announced on her blog.

I will miss Rusty terribly. She was a true friend who, even with all her many health problems, always had real time for you and to worry over yours. A larger than life character whom I had the pleasure of spending time with at RBH when we helped eachother through the boredom of lengthy admissions.

Breathe easy now and rest up, dear pal. I knew you were exhausted.




I knew rusty quiet well we met in RBH a few times, she was a lovely bubbly character and a real laugh, RIP rusty, i ll remember the laughs!!



This is from Emma's (Rusty's) last blog and I think it appropraite to post it here as a testament to her.


The certainty of life is death, but the passage of time between birth and death is ours and ours alone.

Try to make sure when the time comes that you have few regrets of the life you have spent. Do not spend your life hanging your head down, for you will miss the temperance and severity of the world in which you live. Call a spade a spade and you won't go far wrong, if you give out harsh words be ready to receive them back. If you can not take what you yourself hand out then keep silent.

Friends will come and go. if they are meant to be true then they will remain and those who are just passing ships will pass through your life at the given times. Remember each friendship with affection but do not mourn its demise for another friend is around the corner.

Follow the road that you wish to follow for your life, do not just follow the crowd unless it is what you truly want. If you make a mistake then have the courage to rectify it, if you wish to take a different path to those around you do not apologise. For we have only one life and in order not to regret those missed opportunities then we must be prepared to walk against the crowd at some point.

Do not stay silent if there is someone you love, do not regret words unsaid, do not assume they know how you feel. Red faces can be got over but unsaid words will remain just that. Make it your mission to brighten one persons life each day with a smile and a hello. All free and yet can make such an impact. Do not ask ""How are you today"" if you don't want to know. Have the courage to be yourself and not care what others think.

Make having no regrets your mission for life.

by Emma Bearfoot


R.I.P Emma


What sad news. My thoughts are with rusty's family at this very sad time. I had the greatest pleasure and opportunity to meet rusty and what a delightful and lovely person she was. She will be truely missed. RIP rusty.xxx


Bex, I was thinking exactly the same thing about her last blog post.


RIP Rusty, We will all miss your fun loving, upbeat attitude



R.I.P Rusty sending hugs to all who new you and your family and to all who will have a space missing in there hearts for you xxx


Hi guys. I'm afraid I don't have direct contact with Rusty's family, but I'm sure those on here who knew her well will pass on thoughts and prayers.

Similarly I am trying to find out re: funeral arrangements, and I will post again if I can find out. If anyone else knows please can you PM me, as I have been contacted for details (I won't post publically but if people wish to know they can PM me).



you will be missed rusty,

rest in peace,

my thoughts with your family


mel xxxxxxxxxx



You were taken away so young and with still SO much love to give.

You fought so hard against the knocks of life

You helped others to love life and LIVE ( you did, you really did)

You finessed your way through to another guise

But we miss you, we need you and always will.



Hi all,

Thanks to Bex for making a very difficult phonecall, we now have an address for cards. Please PM me for details.

The funeral is a private family-only affair, but there will be a service of Thanksgiving at a later date.

Thank you again Bex.



R.I.P you will be 1 true angel up there xxx


Thinking of rustys family in this terrible time. She will always be remebered I know will be missed by many people. Breathe easy hun



Rest in peace you will be truly missed by so many.

You and your family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.



WE knew her as Mad Asthmatic

Emma was a funny and sharp-tongued participants on some US based forums where some of us Yanks got to know her. We giggled at, what to us, was her almost Dickensian language. But then we Yanks will always laugh when someone uses the phrases ""tinned food"", ""whilst"" and ""toodlepip"" in a sentence. But after we laughed, we read her comments and her blog posts which were always insightful and honest.

Ironically, her latest post: rustzeb.blogspot.com/2009/0...

which now reads like a valedictory, recently helped me come to terms with a friend's death: leftcoastcowboys.com/2009/0...

for which I gave her full credit.

Rusty was a new friend and a cyber friend, but she and her wonderful writing will be sorely missed on these shores.


Rest in peace Emma, heaven has gained another angel. You have always encouraged me to live life to the full and to follow my dreams. Thankyou for believing in me. Sending loving thoughts to your family

Steph x


Mad Asthmatic

I was so saddened to hear today of the passing of Mad Asthmatic. It was only today that I learned her real name. I met MA through blogging. I will miss her witty banter, her feistiness and most of all her kindness. I looked forward to reading her blog comments because they were always so clever, not to mention her signature ""toodlepip"" used in closing. I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure of meeting Emma and I know that she will be truly missed by all of us in the blogging community.


I too am so sad to hear the news about Emma. I spent a couple of weeks in Addenbrookes two years ago with her, enjoying chats about literature, life and everything and sharing late night takeaways.

she had an amazing capacity to live and love life, whatever it threw at her, and has certainly inspired me to face any challenge and believe in myself.

I can only add to the best wishes sent to her family from us



RIP Rusty, you were always so kind.

Always remembered,



Although I did not know her personally, her funny and quick witted replies never failed to cheer the moodiest of us up! She shall be greatly missed by us all.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family

Rest in Peace, Rusty xxx


RIP rusty my thoughts go out to your family and friends x x x


Rest in peace Emma

You will be at peace now and whilst we have lost God as gained an amazing angel

My thoughts are with your family

Libby x


I did not know Rusty personally but read a few bits of hers, but cant help being moved. Im very sorry to hear this and my heart goes out to her family.

Love snowy


Rest in peace Rusty. Sending my love to your friends and family.

lots of love



Boy! I miss you already dear Rusty! You were a great friend and a great help,

and we shared a few burdens over time.

Sorry can't post on BB cos can't log in so am saying it on here.

Rest in peace - no more pain or suffering.




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