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Firstly thank you for messages of support arising from my last post.

Well, fisrt X-ray showed n infection on my right lung, this was taken after a course of antibiotics and preds. GP prescribed another course of antibiotics and another xray a week later. saw some improvement when using PFI..was sub 300..went to 300+ but never 400. Went back to gp's and results of second x-ray infection in right lung resolved but now an infection in left lung..whoopy do:-(

Just had another course of antibiotics and got gp appointment monday but i don't think this 3rd lot has done a lot.

Still getting out of breath doing going upstairs, dry cough when getting breathless and even at rest it feels as if when i exhale i have abot a third capacity of air still left in lungs that i have to force out.

Manager been good at work offering phased return, or office work but at present i dont think i could do either. Occupational health lady from work very nice. just want infections gone so i can take lung function tests and start managing whatever is wrong.

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