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Emily good wishes

I thought it would be nice to start a separate thread so that TKS can easily pass on all our good wishes to Emily .

Although I dont know her personally she has been an inspriation in how she has campaigned even through her illness.

Please pass on my best wishes to Emily and her family and I will be praying for her and hope things continue to go well.


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what a good idea. TKS please pass on my good wishes and loads of prayers from all i can think of as passed message on for loads of prayers needed that mot only does all go well but that life takes a turn for the better asap.

Go girl loads of prayers in your direction as well as for medical teams working with you.

katharine x



If we get enough responses to this thread I will print it off and post it to Emily I'm sure she would appreciate it.

I do infact have an update:

Emily's operation took 8 hours and involved a few difficulties but it essentially went well. She came out of theatre at about 6 am (UK time) on Friday morning after being in the operating theatre all night.

At this stage things are going ok but it is important to understand that whilst she has leaped a giant hurdle, it is still early days and there are many critical hours and days ahead before we can be confident about how Emily will come through the operation.

She is still on the ventilator and still heavily sedated, although she is occasionally able to open her eyes for a few seconds and smile before falling asleep again. Obviously the hospital team want to keep her sedated for now and not trying to communicate too much (anyone who knows Emily will understand that Emily never chooses to rest when she could be talking! )

I don't expect there to be any major news for the next day or two as the most important thing right now is that they ensure Emily continues to rest, that her body does not show any signs of rejecting the lungs and that she does not develop any infections, all of which are obviously possibilities.

Despite this obvious note of caution she has obviously come a huge way in the mere fact that she has come through the operation and now has her new healthy lungs in place. Over the next few days we hope that she will continue to keep making good progress and I will keep everyone informed of news as I have it.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful messages of love and support for Emily, her family and the donor family . Please know that all the thoughts and wishes are being read and are really helping Emily and all her family.

Tks xxx


Emily I know you don't know me but i wanted to say am thinking of you. Was so pleased to hear you got your transplant. You are a inspiration to everyone. I have followed your story and can see that even through the tough times you shine through. I will be thinking of you and your family. Keep smiling!



Emily- im wishing you an uncomplicated recovery you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I have read your blog and you are truely inspirational- keep fighting.


I'll join everyone in seeing all best wishes to Emily and her family, they will be in my thoughts and prayers over the next few days and weeks. As Tks says, I'll also be thinking of and praying for the family of the donor, who have made a brave decision at a very difficult time.

MAybe now is a good time for us all to remember the importance of organ donation and to get a donor card if we feel we can. I believe I'm right in saying that Emily started the LIve Life Campaign to increase organ donation:

I think Emily was in RBH when I was a few weeks ago, although I didn't get the chance to meet her. I wish I had, as reading her blog she does sound like an inspirational person... cool name too :-)

Take care all

Em H


I'd also like to pass on my best wishess to you Emily, and hope that eveyrhitng jsut keeps getting ebtter and that your recovery is uncomplicated and as quick as possible - I know it will take a long time, but I hoept aht at the end of it yiou can live the life that you want to.

I hope you continue to get better day by day, and Good Luck!!

All the best

Cal x


another update

Emily remains stable and continues to progress well. In the words of her surgeon (who notably came in from his day off to check she wasnt jogging around the ITU) she is doing as well as he could have hoped at this stage .She is still heavily sedated although gradually becoming more awake but still on the ventilator. There are a few issues that the team are keeping a very close eye on, just to ensure that they do not develop into more major problems. There are usually complications of different sorts as the body tries to adjust to what it has been through and it is important that these are closely monitored for any signs of further problems.

However, as things are currently, I would say that the outlook is cautiously optimistic.

We must remember that there is still a long, hard road ahead yet.

Her ladyship opened her eyes and smiled again a few times today. We anticipate that the Doctors will allow her greater periods of consciousness tomorrow. Her family are enjoying reading the comments and are so grateful for all the good wishes from around the please keep 'em coming.

Tks xxxx


Dear Emily and Family, you are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope you continue to have a steady recovery. From reading your blog It so very clear you have a real zest for life and I truely hope you soon have the energy and good health to go out there and live life to the max.

Julie x


Bowmei has asked me to post a message on her behalf as she is not able to get to her computer at the moment as she is not well.

Emily I am thinking of you and your family and hope you continue to improve. You are an inspriation to us all.



Hi Emily,

Been following your blog and its so inspirational. Thinking of you and wishing you a very speedy recovery.

Thoughts and best wishes go out to to your family and friends as well.



Hi Emily,

You dont know me, but i have been reading your blog and i think that you are so brave, and a complete inspiration. If only there were more like you!

I hope that you start to recover soon, so you can get on your feet and enjoy everything you used to! You are within all my thoughts and dreams, and in my heart at this very time!

Just listen to the docs... and take it easy, dont try and catch up on those precious lost hours of talking! I kknow we would all like to, but you can be pampered now, just get everybody else to do things for you, asa you are truley special!

All my love sweetie,

Holly- May xxxxxxxxxx


Hello Emily,

Sending special pink fluffy hugggssss!!





Message form Becky G

Becky is in costa at the mo so unable to access the computer but asked me to post her message on her behalf.

Emily and family I am thinking of you and praying that you continue to do well.

Becky G


Fantastic update!

I've just heard from the other half of the dynamic live life then give life duo who is also in hospital herself that Emily came off the ventilator this morning and maybe sitting out of bed this afternoon. We are all so pleased that Emily has finally come off the ventilator but there is still along road ahead of her.

Tks xxxx


I will be sending this thread off tomorrow with Emily's card so please add any last minute good wishes today.


Tks xxxxx


That is wonderful news I am so pleased for Emily and all her family.



I know you do not know me but i hope that you continue to make good progress and that you feel better soon


hey emily, glad u got ur translpant u really deserved i think all the work u have done is great, best wishes

Emma x


best wishes Emily

we are all followiing your progress, including those of us who don't know you but you inspire all of us.

Best wishes to your whole family at this time.




Best wishes Emily and a speedy recovery. All our thoughts are with you!

Lots of love




Just wanted to add my own pink fluffy sparkle spangled good wishes to you Emily.



Brilliant news that Emily is off the vent and breathing for herself... I bet that feels amazing! I can only think of how great those first few easy breaths feel once the IV amino kicks in during a bad asthma attack - it must be like that times one thousand!

Go Emily!

I saw her on Watchdog tonight... it was a really good feature and she was great, really got the message across, it was very moving. I'm so glad she's got her new lungs and hopefully won't have so much need of O2 in future.

Take care all

Em H


best of every thing to Emily and all the best to all the family and friends love to all



OMG I saw Watchdog last nite too!

Hope ur ok Emily!





This is from Emily's sister Abby, just a quick update:

After running into a few difficulties, though nothing unheard of at this point, Em has been put back on the ventilator. She is still improving in many ways but today has made it clear the road to recovery will be very long and difficult .

Thank you for all your kind messages, I will update when there is more news but as it is very much a case of 'wait and see' right now so updates may be slow but we are still very hopeful and know Emily is getting the best possible care from Harefield's brilliant team.

Thanks again for all your love and support


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