Why would I be given soluble pred rather than tablets?

I've been back to my GP after a short course of pred didn't settle things down. I didn't check what she'd written on the prescription and at the pharmacy I realised she'd given me soluble pred - I've always had the white tablets before. I just wondered whether it matters and why the difference?

It just confuses me!

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  • i dont think there is any difference apart from the soluble ones taste soo vile!!! they are gross lol sorry you have to have them!

  • Sorry I don't know whether there is a difference either, but second the fact that the soluble ones are disgusting!

  • Think soluble ones get into the system quicker and presumably also prescribed for people having difficulty swallowing tabs. May also be cheaper???

  • Had the soluble tablets when couldn't swallow & doc decided not to give me IV steroids. They tend to be used in children. I agree they do taste foul!

  • Having just consulted the never ending knowledge of the BNF, I can say that soluble pred is deffo not cheaper than normal pred. In fact it's nearly as expensive as enteric coated. So I'm assuming it's something to do with absorption that your GP has prescribed it, but if your unsure I'd ring up and ask. Personally I can't stand the stuff and it makes me retch so I practically demand the coated ones now.

  • Ive been given soluble pred before, for no apparent reason - they are most certainly not cheaper, in fact they are rather more expensive, but on some computer systems they are the first preparation of pred on the list, meaning if your doctors lazy that's often prescribed!

    Also if they are to be given as just an emergency dose soluble can be easier to take :)

  • same as rabit, i recently had soluble pred when too breathless and struggling to swallow, but am too difficult to IV, as they can't always use my central line. also it does get into your system quicker than the normal tabs, as it is not really swallowed via the digestive system, but is absorbed into the tongue directly into the blood stream, i think something like that.

  • Thanks - I haven't started the soluble yet as I had some tablets left so using those up first. I will taste them tomorrow - lovely!

    I think it's probably that they're the first on the screen as I don't have any absorption problems but the dose I was on wasn't making much difference either so maybe that's why.

    I'm definitely going to ask for the tablets in future!

  • I had the soluble ones too, much is explained now if they're the first on the list as there was no reason for me to have them in particular. Agree they taste disgusting, I didn't get increased appetite with them but did end up eating more chocolate as I had a piece afterwards to take the taste away.

    They didn't actually work (though wasn't on anything else at the time), so I hope I don't get to the point where they'd normally be needed - not sure what else they could prescribe if pred doesn't work!

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