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Doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks

I just wanted some general advice about endurance walking with asthma. I've been quite poorly controlled for the last 18 months but had improved recently with the last few months better with stable PF. Anyway I've been training slowly for the three peaks challenge (walking, gentle jogging) but must have overdone it yesterday and that combined with the heat made for a rough night last night and feel rough again tonight.

I'm doing it in just over a week, and really need to make sure my breathing is as good as it can be. I'm going to do more walks rather than run over the next week - think I have to accept that I just can't run as much as I want, without making my chest worse again - and I'm seeing the consultant on Monday before I do it on the Fri, which is good timing.

This is the first big sports challenge I've done since my flare up, and I really want to make it, and keep myself well.

I guess I'm just looking for emotional support and general advice.


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some general advice and a bit of emotional support

Hi EmC,

I guess you know this already, but just take it easy. I walk in the hills/mountains a lot and find it best to start slow and steady and try not to have lots of breaks, as lots of stoping/starting makes it hard to settle the breathing. If your lungs have a strop make sure you sort them out before you go on, especially if you're going to be walking into cloud. Also, I vary my pace depending on the steepness and go really slow with very short steps when it's really steep.

I hope your lungs settle quickly after the last 2 rough nights and you get back to a stable pf quickly. It'd be great to hear how you get on so please let us know. Look after yourself over the coming week or so, take care. I hope you enjoy the challenge.

Lou x (I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you)


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