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Newly diagnosed in November 2010 - getting worse

Hi everyone, please could someone give me some advice. I was diagnosed with asthma in November and since then was put on a preventer which gave a slight improvement but as it wasn't enough the doctor doubled the dose. Still not much of an improvement so was still using reliever more than I like too. I also suffer from ectopic beats which are made worse by using the reliever. To make matters worse I have also had two chest infections since November, one just recently. For these I was given antibiotics and prednisolone. My peak flow improved with the pred but not as much as the doctor expected especially as I don't smoke and never have done.

I started a four day course of prednisolone (25mg) on Sunday but my peak flow has not improved and during the night I felt very wheezy.

My predicted peakflow for my age (50)is 450 but it is just hitting 300 in the morning and 320 by the afternoon. When I do feel reasonably well it only reaches 350. Yet another symptom I've been getting is some nights my heartrate willl shoot up to 200 beats per minute but I can usually get it back down by taking deep breaths. My doctor seems to think this is the medication that I'm on. I am at my wits end as I would have thought the asthma would have been under control by now. I don't know what triggers my symptoms as I don't have the kind where you come into contact with a trigger and immediately get symptoms. My appointment with the respiratory clinic is not until March which is very frustrating as this is getting me very down. I've taken this week off sick from work and can't remember the last time we went out on a weekend as I am becoming more and more unsociable because of how I'm feeling. My husband is sympathetic and concerned but I can see he is getting frustrated as it is affecting our quality of life. Has anyone else been diagnosed with adult onset asthma and had these problems. I make the mistake of reading to much information on the internet and because I've not been able to get my asthma under control I 'm thinking that maybe mine is going to be severe. I've also noticed that my chest feels worse on the right side, that's where I always get a tickly irritation, by the way my chest xray was clear. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Julie x

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I can't give you much in the way of advice except to say that you are not alone. Mine was diagnosed in December, during a stay in hospital. Everyone's asthma seems different. Mine got better but has gone back again, which is disappointing. Last Friday I went to hospital after my wife called out paramedics who gave me oxygen and nebuliser, and wanted me to be checked properly. I'm OK but the peak flow is still below the panic level, and has been for days.

Hope you soon get some relief from it.



Hi Julie, I am so sorry you are struggling. Although I have had asthma since a teenager it has changed since last Oct & I had a diagnosis of severe asthma last week from the specislist. I can relate to how you are feeling & I am also angry that at 39 I cannot do half the things I used too. Whereas before I didn't think twice about going out for the day or cleaning the house from top to bottom I have to pace myself to doing as little as possible. I know its hard hun but I have found the best thing I can do is to take each day as it comes, to know my limits & to work within them. I am thinking of you & hope you get some answers in March. Here for you.




Oh what to say we all feel for you, we are the same, some days are better than others, do you think the weather affects you as a lot of people are noticing their asthma is bad at the moment, wish there was a magic wand,go back to your doc, never hold yourself back from getting help, mine was diagnosed in jan 2011, i'm still finding the best way to control mine, trial and error in some things, it takes time, be positive, look forward to the time it will be under control, love to you x


Hi Julie, I have adult onset too which seems harder to control. You have to learn to adjust and pace yourself. Hope your Consultant is able to find treatment that gives you better control but as others have said it may take time to find the right regime to eithe keep controlled or managed. Take care and sympathise with you. x


hi julie,

My asthma started 3 years ago age 42.

since then its got worse and had a few meds changed but not controlled at all.

Had allergy tests etc and still not a clue.

I get it all year round and go AnE a lot and walk in centre.

I never use to get lots of colds ot chest infections but since having asthma

seem to get a lot now.

my pf is 550 when im ok and 350 when not and most days not.



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