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goose grease & whizzers

Hi, i was thinking back to when i was a kid [yes ive got a pretty good memory some of the time]

I come from fair size family, used to have 5 sisters & a couple of us had asthma.

My kid sister had it worse than me, & we used to have these inhalers, but not like now.

The inhaler was more roundish & cylinder. You took part off, put a little tab thing [filled with a powder] in, then when you put it back together it punctured the tab. You then inhaled and as you did, it made a kind of whizzing sound.

Talking around mid to late 60s

Also, if we felt bit breathless at night, i can remember my mum used to rub goose grease on our chest.

Anyone else remember this?

I dont know if it was called goose grease, or actually was goose grease.

Just remember it being an off white colour & not smelling too good.


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Howie what you doing awake this time of night your as bad as me! Just woke as usual with Tongue stuck to roof of mouth :)


Some good jokes in off topic :)


Salbramol spin capsules was the medicine and salbutamol spin inhaler. Very similar to spiriva and turbo inhaler. My mum always put vics on my chest and butter on my nose


The whizzy thing was a 'Spinhaler' for Intal & Intal compound etc with 'spincaps'

the other whizzy things around were the 'Rotahalers' for Ventolin and becotide etc

I still have a blue rotahaler case for odds & ends.

They were around until the early to mid 1990s, spinhalers til late 1980's I think.

Goose fat probably was ............ goose fat! Much better on roast potatoes!




I actually have a Spinhaler from late 2008 for plain Intal Spincaps! The spincaps were phased out in the UK after that following the introduction of the CFC-free Intal inhaler.

The 'modern' version (if you can call it that!) came in a flat grey plastic case with storage for four spincaps instead of the old 1980s yellow tin with the screw-on lid.

But the goose fat probably was just that :).


Well well, im very surprised to find they are still around :)

It also surprises me my old ma rubbed goose grease on us like basting roast taters.

Perhaps it was one of those old wives tales my ma went in for.

Unfortunately, i will never know ;)


I was also on the Intal Spinhaler, it really helped me. I was on them for a long time.

I don't know about goose grease but as a small child (early 60s) my mum used to wrap me all over in greasy bandages - for my severe excema. I hated it. Later on I was doused in Vic for my chest - awful!


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